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Ford Mondeo Wagon 2015
Ford Mondeo Wagon 2015 Test Drive : Cars on Web Wombat Motoring

This is a very stylish and classy looking vehicle and comes standard with an array of safety features. It drives extremely well, has good acceleration and is comfortable, quiet, smooth, and, given its size, economical.  Read More ...


A 2000s Playlist For Your Health
A 2000s Playlist For Your Health : Music Review on Web Wombat Entertainment

The new millenium! What a time to be alive! No Y2K, no more raver pants, just good, clean ... actually what were the early 2000s all about? But who cares, because here's some bangers for your reminiscing time. Read More ...



Doom : Previewed on Web Wombat Games

The seminal 3D shooter looks set to make a hotly anticipated return and we give you a brief look at the corpulent trailer. The new Doom has been a while in the making and new technology will push the boundaries. Read More ...


Kill Me Three Times
Kill Me Three Times : DVD / Netflix Review on Web Wombat Entertainment

This complex web of deceit and lies is also a cautionary tale that if you have evil in your heart, you will suffer the wrath of karma. Everyone in the film is guilty of some sin, some more ominous than others. Read More ...



Journey Reviewed on PS4 : Games on Web Wombat

The artwork, architecture and lighting are amazing and the evocative musical score just adds to the whole presentation. Can the game get any better now that it has come to the new Sony superconsole, the PS4? Read More ...


Love and Mercy
Love and Mercy : Movie Review on Web Wombat Entertainment

John Cusack has made some questionable film choices in the last few years (presumably due to tax reasons, much like Nicholas Cage), but Love and Mercy is not one of them. Read More ...



Dedications : Theatre Review on Web Wombat Entertainment

We are introduced to many characters who share one common thread; lovers who have a particular way of expressing their inner most joys, troubles and musings: by calling their local radio who shares their triumphs. Read More ...


Wines of the Week
Eden Hall’s Limited Release Gruner Veltliner 2015 & Briar Ridge Wines Fiano 2015 Wines Reviewed : Wine on Web Wombat Lifestyle

Our long time Wine Connoisseur samples an Eden Hall’s Gruner Veltliner with rich palate of nectarine and white peach fruit flavours and a Briar Ridge Wines Fiano 2015 with a lively palate of ginger spice. Read More ...





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