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Buying A Go Kart
Buying A Go Cart : General Interest on Web Wombat Lifestyle

Karting is a popular sport in Australia and at some stage enthusiasts want to make the move from hiring karts to owning them. We present some of the facts to help you with your decision making.  Read More ...


Yangon Burma
Yangon Burma (Myanmar) : Travel on Web Wombat

We visit gold-plated and jewel-encrusted Buddhist pagodas, re-discovering the former Colonial city of Rangoon and also sought out the street life and the night life of Yangon. Read More ...



War of the Overworld
War of the Overworld on PC : Game Review on Web Wombat

It is good to be bad in War For The Overworld. This game is the spiritual successor to the brilliant Dungeon Keeper fantasy strategy ‘dungeon sim’ battle game. Read More ...


Titanic : Band of Courage
Titanic : Band of Courage : DVDs on Web Wombat Entertainment

There’s something about the ghostly remains; something that was once filled with living people, now sitting flat on the ocean floor, being eaten by barnacles. It’s a terrifying sight, and the ocean is a scary, unknowable beast. Read More ...



Fallout 4
Fallout 4 Game Preview : Games on Web Wombat

The latest game of the most apocalyptic series on any console is finally coming soon. The third Fallout of the franchise was one of the best games of its era and now that a sequel is on its way it is time to get truly excited. Read More ...


Insidious: Chapter 3
Insidious: Chapter 3 : Movie Review on Web Wombat Entertainment

Horror runs in cycles: there was the slasher movie period, the zombie movie period, that whole Japanese thing in the early 2000s and now with the classic ghost story revival Insidious. Read More ...



DVD Review: The Cobbler
The Cobbler : DVD Review on Web Wombat Entertainment

The Cobbler does a great job of keeping your attention and giving you a rising tension as things progress that makes it impossible to stop once you start. It's predictable in parts but others take you completely by surprise. Read More ...


Wines of the Week
Logan Shiraz 2013 & Fifth Leg Chardonnay 2014 Wines Reviewed : Wines on Web Wombat Lifestyle

Our Wine Reviewer samples a Logan Shiraz 2013 with its red berry and spicy flavours and a Fifth Leg Chardonnay 2014 with its crunchy apples followed by stone-fruit flavours. Read More ...





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