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Honda HR-V
Honda HR-V : Latest Road Test & Review on Web Wombat

While this is a new model it is actually a car with an auspicious history, as it effectively set a trend that the rest of the motor industry is catching up with. Time for the HRV to be reborn perhaps?  Read More ...


Inle Lake in Eastern Burma
Inle Lake in Eastern Burma (Myanmar) : Travel on Web Wombat

Journeying in a motorised long-boat or walking on re-claimed land, our Travel Writer witnessed the economic value of lotus stems, photo opportunities, floating gardens and leg-rowing fishermen. Read More ...



Review: Wolfenstein The Old Blood
Wolfenstein The Old Blood on Xbox One : Game Review on Web Wombat

In these politically correct times we loved the unashamed brutality of the recently released Wolfenstein: New Order. Read More ...


Leslie Hall - Songs in the Key of Gold
Leslie Hall - Songs in the Key of Gold : Music Review on Web Wombat

I know this album is a year and a half old now, but I don’t care. I only just discovered Leslie Hall and I need you all to as well. Read More ...



Review: Can't Hardly Wait
Can't Hardly Wait : DVD Review on Web Wombat

The film, Can't Hardly Wait, on the outside, looks like the typical teen party movie: Nice Guy gets the girl, Jock gets his comeuppance, Nerd wins the long-game. But there’s love in it! Read More ...


Rosewater : DVD Review on Web Wombat

Maziar Bahari, an Iranian-Canadian journalist travels back to Iran to cover the 2009 election. He has to make a hard choice: report the government line or the facts. Read More ...



Theatre: The Rocky Horror Show
The Rocky Horror Show - Musicals on Web WombatEntertainment

Although lacking a truly cohesive cast and slick direction, Rocky Horror Show will satisfy those looking for a carefree and nostalgic evening out. Read More ...


Recipe of the Week
Baked Ricotta With Grilled Vegetables Recipe : Food & Recipes on Web Wombat Lifestyles

Our Baked Ricotta should be served up hot with an assortment of roast vegetables such as eggplant, carrots, tomatoes, green or red peppers, zucchini, onions, sweet potato or leeks. Read More ...





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