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Overcoming Career Obstacles

By Lisa O'Brien

Career ObstaclesHave you ever wondered why some people always seem to get everything that they want in life?

One day they tell you that they want a great job and the next thing they are on a work assignment in some glamorous location. Then they tell you that they are thinking of buying a new place, the next thing you find yourself at the housewarming party of the year at their amazing waterfront home.

You have to ask yourself, what is it with these people? Why do they always get all the luck?

Guess what, they MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Every single thing that they go after they make happen. Why? Because they want it to happen and because they know how to make it happen!

These people know how to set clear goals and how to turn those clear goals into a workable action plan. Most of all they know that obstacles are just a simple part of life. They know how to overcome those obstacles.

Nothing is more disheartening than being faced with a career obstacle, especially when you are working hard in your career. Next time you are faced with a nasty career obstacle don't panic. Simply use the following steps, then watch as the obstacle dissolves before your eyes.

CareersCoach Tips To Overcoming Obstacles

  • Identify the exact obstacle

  • Make a list of all of the possible solutions to the obstacle

  • Access the viability of each possible solution by identifying the pros and cons of implementing this solution

  • Choose and implement the best solution for your particular situation

For tips on how to overcome Career Obstacles go to blog.careerscoach.com.au

Careers Coach
Lisa O'Brien is the Director of Careerscoach.com.au and the Author of CareersCoach Goal Setting Coach

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