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Kia Sportage

Latest Road Test Review

Kia Sportage Review : Test Drive on Web Wombat Motoring

The Sportage is a mid sized SUV with a sport look to it. It looks good, it drives well, is very roomy (comfortably fits five passengers) and provides a smooth and comfortable ride. Depending on the model is has with ample features, enough to satisfy most drivers. While it provides good fuel consumption its CO2 output is just average. While it's 2.0L engine did what was asked, we found it to be a bit sluggish in performance and not the most responsive. We found manually changing gears improved both acceleration and responsiveness, however that defeats the purpose of being an automatic. Read more ....

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Hyundai Genesis & Wearable Technology

Latest News

Hyundai Genesis & Wearable Technology : Latest From CarNews

Hyundai's next generation of products will allow owners to connect with their vehicle using wearable devices. Hyundai’s cloud-based Blue Link platform will make features like remote start and service information quickly accessible through new devices like Google Glass and others. Read more ....

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F1 Season : Motoring Calendars

F1 2013 Season Calendar

With the F1 Season nearing it's climax, be sure to keep on top of the race scheduling by checking out our calendar. We also have calenders for the V8s, MotoGP and Superbike Championships. Read more ....

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