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Zoolander 2

Movie Reviews

Zoolander 2 : Movie News and Reviews on Web Wombat


Zoolander 2 is really nothing more than flimsy nostalgia. Like other ill-advised sequels or reboots, it attempts to recapture the spirit of its predecessor, but forgets that so much of a film’s success can be down to pure luck or kismet. Who knows if a joke will work or not? How are you to predict what will become a catchphrase? Zoolander 2 is a poorly-photocopied version of 2001’s Zoolander, and damn does it show. Read more ...



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Keanu, 10 Cloverfield Lane & more!

Trailer Round-Up

Trailer Round-Up: Keanu, 10 Cloverfield Lane and more!  : Trailers on Web Wombat


Web Wombat keeps you in the loop with upcoming releases and awesome trailers. This week we look at adorable Key and Peele feature comedy Keanu, Cloverfield "blood relative" 10 Cloverfield Lane and more! Read more ...

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Hollywood Never Learns: Racism in Film

DVD & Netflix Reviews

Hollywood Never Learns: Racism in Film : DVDs & Netflix on Web Wombat Entertainment


If you were the ask the average movie-goer what films or characters they found to be genuinely racist, they’d probably have a bit of a think and say something like Triumph of the Will. The ‘anti-PC’ folks like to think that anyone who calls out racism (as well as other issues) is a hyper-sensitive Pollyanna, and this is because they only see racism in the extremes: Hitler, Goebbels, the KKK, etc. They refuse to see nuance, or give any credence to critical thought over the media we absorb daily and in great quantities. Read more...



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Lucky: The Britney Saga

Music Reviews, News and Articles

Lucky: The Saga of Britney : Music News & Reviews on Web Wombat


What do you think of exactly when you think of Britney Spears? White teeth in a sunny smile? Headset mics, sensually parted lips, the fluffy pink hair ties from the ...Baby, One More Time video? Spears is one of the most recognisable names and faces in pop history, coming from a time in pop history where there was no such thing as saturation, and any publicity could be finagled into “good publicity” (not unlike politics, snort)... Read more ....



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North By Northwest : Review

Theatre, Comedy & Musical Reviews, News & Events

North By Northwest : Theatre, Events & Musicals on Web Wombat


North by Northwest returns to Melbourne following a smash hit season in 2015. The culmination of many creative forces, North by Northwest is the stage adaptation of master director Alfred Hitchcock's 1959 classic. It's the worst day ever for New York advertising exec Roger O. Thornhill (Matt Day) when he is mistakenly abducted by thugs, despite his repeated protestations. The sinister Phillip Van Damm (Matt Hetherington) orchestrates a thrilling chase as Thornhill pursues the real George Kaplan across the country, assisted by femme fatale Eve Kendall (Amber McMahon). Read more ...



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Nihilisticles : 14 Scientific Effects Traveling Has On Your Mind Body And Soul

Funny Stuff

Nihilisticles : 14 Scientific Effects Traveling Has On Your Mind Body And Soul : Humour on Web Wombat


Comedian Martin Dunlop fixes all the list-based clickbait on the internet. Today: how travel basically fixes you, because science. Read more ....



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