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Movie Reviews

Ben Hur : Movie News & Reviews on Web Wombat Entertainment


The sad truth is, the novel Ben-Hur (1880) by Lew Wallace wasn’t really that good to begin with. Inexplicably though, this is the fifth movie of this story of Judah Ben-Hur, a Jewish prince growing up in the time of Christ with an adopted roman brother, Messala, a series of events pulling him from grace until he ends up in the circus in a deadly chariot battle with his old sibling. Read more ...



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Mechanic: Resurrection, Embrace and more!

Trailer Round-Up

Trailer Roundup: Mechanic Ressurrection Embrace & more : Movie Trailers on Web Wombat Entertainment


Web Wombat keeps you up-to-date on coming attractions. Today we look at upcoming Jason Statham shoot-em-up action flick Mechanic: Resurrection, body-image and fat-shaming doco Embrace, and more! Read more ...



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The Ridiculous 6

DVD & Netflix Reviews

The Ridiculous 6 : DVD / Netflix Review on Web Wombat Entertainment


This is the single most painful experience in my Netflix review career. I assume they were trying to capture the essence of The Magnificent Seven but in the tone of Mel Brooks. Problem is, the time for politically-incorrect Westerns has passed. It’s hard to watch them hit punchline after punchline, falling flat every time. It seems like this is a Western version of Adam Sandler’s other action hero, the Zohan. Really, you should not mess with the Zohan, or this film: you’ll regret it. Read more ...



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Alpine : Interview

Music Reviews, News and Articles

Alpine : Music on Web Wombat Entertainment


Bright and dreamy Melbourne indie-pop band Alpine have been steadily and reliably making noise in the scene since their debut EP, Zurich, in 2010. Their debut full-length album A Is for Alpine in 2012 showed that the band were due to be local favourites (debuting at #1 on the Aussie iTunes charts, and #11 on the ARIA charts) and it was into this anticipatory and hungry scene that the band released their follow-up, Yuck. Read more ...



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Theatre, Comedy & Musical Reviews, News & Events

Curtains:  Theatre, Comedy & Events on Web Wombat Entertainment


Backed by a new orchestra, Curtains, is a terrific show. A musical within a musical, Curtains takes a great script, strong performances, and brilliant storytelling, and stitches them all together to one magnificent thespian-ic Frankenstein’s monster. Read more ...



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The Festivale of Dangerous Ideas 2017: Program Lineup

Funny Stuff

The Festivale of Dangerous Ideas 2017: Program Lineup  : Humour on Web Wombat Entertainment


Speeches, talks, pompous gasbaggery and wholly foolish tripe come to you once again this 2017! The Festivale returns with a whole host of speakers and media personalities with Big Opinions and Very Important Brain-Words. Read more ...



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Featured Articles

Movie Trailer Roundup Movie Trailer Roundup : Movie Previews & Trailers on Web Wombat Entertainment

A selection of upcoming movies previewed this week (with Trailers) include, Embrace, Indignation, The Mechanic: Resurrection, The Carer, Blair Witch, Hacksaw Ridge & 31. Read More


The Technomancer The Technomancer on Xbox One : Review on Web Wombat Games

What is in a name? Well when it comes to one like this, quite a lot actually. The name says it all. Combining Sci Fi with a magical power based system the title sums up your calling perfectly. Is the game any good though? Read More


G’Day Habibi G’Day Habibi With Danielle Faour : Theatre on Web Wombat Entertainment

G'day Habibi is a musical exploration of life's contradictions when you're a half-Lebanese, half-Australian vegan girl. A comedy/cabaret show starring Danielle Faour as part of the 2016 Melbourne Fringe Festival. Read More


Sausage Party Sausage Party : Movie Review on Web Wombat Entertainment

The makers wanted from me to be offended bit its main target market is awful fourteen year-old boys. It’s not subversive, clever or even funny; it’s an insulting, gag-free ninety minutes of double entendré Read More


Disney Art Academy Disney Art Academy on Nintendo DS : Reviewed on Web Wombat Games

If you like doodling about, but want to become more skilled when it comes to drawing, painting and so on, this unusual game might just tickle your fancy.  Read More


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