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Hotel Transylvania 2

Movie Reviews

Hotel Transylvania 2: Movie News and Reviews on Web Wombat


The difference between Hotel Transylvania 2 and, say, some of the Pixar or Dreamworks projects, is that, as an adult, you’ll be less likely to enjoy it. The film, enjoyable enough though it is, doesn’t have much for adults to grab a hold of. It works to a very baseline child humour; lots of wild gesticulating and exaggerated facial expressions and current pop music. Read more ...



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Central Intelligence, The Huntsman & more!

Trailer Round-Up

Trailer Round-Up: Central Intelligence, The Huntsman and more!  : Trailers on Web Wombat


Web Wombat keeps you in the loop with upcoming releases and awesome trailers. This week we look at the new Kevin Hart/The Rock buddy pic, The Huntsman prequel, and more! Read more ...

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W/ Bob and David

DVD + Netflix Reviews

W/ Bob and David: DVDs and Netflix on Web Wombat


The first thing you will notice is that W/ Bob and David is quite short; there are only five half-hour episodes, and one of them is a sort of behind-the-scenes special. It is also slightly more disconnected than Mr Show, some of the sketches being more stand-alone than necessarily facilitating the next. But these are not criticisms, because the show is very funny, very silly and very unique, as you would expect. Read more...



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Keep My Skillet Good and Greasy: A Country Playlist

Music Reviews, News and Articles

Keep My Skillet Good and Greasy: A Country Playlist: Music on Web Wombat 


I recall almost making a date with a gorgeous young man on an internet dating site; he seemed just dandy until I got to his musical tastes: "I love everything except hip-hop and country". Ugh, delete. Besides being an almost cliché way to enjoy media and culture, it was depressing that he had missed out on so much excellent music, simply because country music had a stereotype of being old-fashioned, right-wing and/or depressing... Read more ....



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Howl: Telluride Horror Show (USA)

Theatre, Comedy & Musical Reviews and News

Howl: Telluride Horror Show : Theatre and Events on Web Wombat


The British Rail system is one of the most well-known rail systems in the world. I have enjoyed their service but I bet what to do during a werewolf attack is not among their employee training modules. Howl gives us a reason to add that class to the curriculum. It’s a bit formulaic but has a different, if not satisfying, ending. Read more ....



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 How To Be The Perfect Girlfriend

Funny Stuff

How To Be The Perfect Girlfriend : Humour on Web Wombat


Comedian Serene Desiree gives us some handy tips on being the ultimate, best and greatest girlfriend ever. Read more ....



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