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Only Yesterday

Movie Reviews

Only Yesterday  : Movie News & Reviews on Web Wombat Entertainment


Although a Studio Ghibli animated production normally entails magical realism, bizarre creatures and an overall dark whimsy, Only Yesterday is not a typical Ghibli film. Indeed, the studio only provided the animation; the film is based on a popular manga story by Hotaru Okamoto and Yuko Tone, written and directed by Isao Takahata (Pom Poko, My Neighbours The Yamadas). Although the film was made in 1991, it is only this year getting a North American release, hence the renewed interest. Read more ...



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Mustang, The Founder & more!

Trailer Round-Up

Trailer Roundup: Mustang, The Founder & more!  : Movie Trailers on Web Wombat Entertainment


Web Wombat keeps you in the loop with upcoming releases and awesome trailers. This week we look at Turkish sisterly drama Mustang, true burger story The Founder, and more! Read more ...

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Why Your Boyfriend Should Be Disney’s Hercules

DVD & Netflix Reviews

Why Your Boyfriend Should Be Disney’s Hercules  : DVD / Netflix Review on Web Wombat Entertainment


Disney's Hercules (1997) not only showcases the animated retelling (an albeit ... more innocent version) of the Greek mythical strongman, but how kind of awesome a boyf he would be. Don't you reckon? Read more ...



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Beyoncé : Lemonade

Music Reviews, News and Articles

Beyoncé : Lemonade : Review : Visual Album : Tidal : Music on Web Wombat Entertainment


Never underestimate Beyoncé Knowles-Carter. More importantly, never underestimate her abilities to change, chameleon-like, with every new project, or the powerful effect a surprise release like this has on the public. Lemonade, a visual album (her second, since 2013’s Beyoncé), follows a tumultuous and heart-breaking sojourn through a ruptured marriage, and the varying stages of emotional reaction that followed. These stages are noted throughout the album- Apathy, Accountability, Emptiness, Redemption, etc. - as we follow Bey’s poetic, angry, visceral pilgrimage. Read more ...



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Coming Up At The Astor

Theatre, Comedy & Musical Reviews, News & Events

Coming Up At The Astor : Theatre, Comedy & Events on Web Wombat Entertainment


The Astor Theatre in Windsor is the apple of the Melbourne film-lover’s eye. The hallowed halls of the gorgeous cinema have been standing since the 1930s. Nowadays, the Astor doesn’t have as much competition for the old-school film geek’s dollar as it did some 60 years ago, it now being one of the last remaining “traditional” single-screen cinemas. It’s a wonderful place just to be in, and an even better one in which to catch a few films. Here’s a few things coming up at the Astor that you really shouldn’t miss. Enjoy!. Read more ...



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New Melbourne Cafes

Funny Stuff

New Melbourne Cafes : Humour on Web Wombat Entertainment


It feels like there's a new cafe or restaurant or neato nightclub opening every other day in cosmopolitan Melbourne. Here we've surveyed the trendy, burgeoning scene and picked out of faves! Read more ...



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