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The Lobster

Movie Reviews

The Lobster:  Movie Reviews on Web Wombat


The Lobster sure is a weird one, but most definitely worth sticking with. When David's partner of 12 years walks out on him he finds himself legally incarcerated in a seaside hotel where he will have just 45 days to start a new romance, or else be literally transformed into an animal through horrifying surgery. In David's case: a lobster. But in David's world, this isn't particularly odd and the hotel is filled with dozens of lonely singles, all playing along with the system, gradually growing more desperate as their days count down. And things do get desperate. Read more ....



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Trailer Round-Up: Truth, Krumpus and more!

Trailer Trash

Trailer Round-Up: Truth, Krumpus  and more! : Movie Trailers on Web Wombat


Web Wombat keeps you in the loop with upcoming releases and awesome trailers. This week we look at a searing American political thriller, a Holiday Horror, and more! Read more ....

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Mr. Baseball

DVD + Netflix Reviews

Mr. Baseball : DVD and Netflix Reviews on Web Wombat


Mr. Baseball is a movie that will not be remembered for anything outstanding. It combines the fun of a sports movie with learning a lot about attitude and how that shapes your world. It didn’t win awards or make a big splash at the box office, but what it is good at is telling a story in an extraordinary way. Read more ...



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In Defense of the Power Ballad

Music Reviews, News and Articles

In Defense of the Power Ballad : Music News, Reviews and Articles on Web Wombat 


First up: I totally dig the most naff tunes you can muster. I don’t believe in such thing as a “guilty pleasure” and wear all my tastes - cheesy, weird or horrid to you - with pride. What’s the point of loving something ironically? What good can come of exorcising whole swathes of art/joy from your scope, for no other reason than schoolyard gags or cultural cringe? It’s juvenile and you’re missing out on a lot of pleasure in your life, friend. Read more ....

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Melbourne Fringe 2015: Rama Nicholas - Mary Weather's Monsters

Theatre, Comedy & Musical Reviews and News

Melbourne Fringe 2015: Rama Nicholas - Mary Weather's Monsters : Comedy on Web Wombat


Improvisor and actor Rama Nicholas has not only a talent for voices and songs, but for creating whole worlds with numerous characters and plot arcs. It’s bizarre to think that a show ‘starring’ about 15-20 characters is performed entirely by one person, but such is Nicholas’ wheelhouse. After 2013's Death Rides A Horse - a Western musical affair - and last year's After Ever After, surveying the inner lives on fairytales' greatest names, Nicholas’ latest play, Mary Weather’s Monsters, is set in dark Victorian-era London and follows Mary Weather: monster hunter..  Read more ....



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True Detective Erotic Fan Fiction (From Someone Who Has Never Seen The Show)

Funny Stuff

 True Detective Erotic Fan Fiction (From Someone Who Has Never Seen The Show): Comedy on Web Wombat


The day is still and steely grey. Outside the car, trees sit tired and worn from years of storms. Matthew McConaughey reaches for his coffee, black as night, and sucks stoically. When he leans back and eyes the withered landscape, some bupkus town with a shady history, he tries to pinpoint what keeps him in the detective game. As if by magic, the reason he was thinking of, and yet somehow not thinking of, props open the passenger seat door and tosses a bag of peanuts into the glove compartment. Read more ....



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