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Nocturnal Animals

Movie Reviews


Nocturnal Animals : Movie News & Reviews on Web Wombat Entertainment


The follow-up to Michael Ford’s directorial debut A Single Man (2009) is no less sleek, dark, deep and sumptuous than you would expect. Written and directed by Ford, and based on Austin Wright’s 1993 novel Tony and Susan, Nocturnal Animals is a tense and reflective peer into the well of regret, revenge and guilt. Read more ...



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Imperium, Hidden Figures and more!

Trailer Round-Up


Imperium Hidden Figures and more : Movie Trailers on Web Wombat Entertainment


Web Wombat keeps you up-to-date on coming attractions. Today we look at white supremacist infiltration story Imperium, black women shaking up the space program in Hidden Figures and more! Read more ...



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DVD & Netflix Reviews


Haunter : DVD / Netflix Review on Web Wombat Entertainment


Haunter (2013) has a great idea going for it, but too many problems to overcome. Essentially, it’s a novel concept run into murky waters by some poor casting (read: acting) decisions and over-complication. Lisa Johnson (Abigail Breslin, Zombieland) is your average surly teenage girl. She lives in a big ol’ house with her forever-fixin’-the-dang-car dad (Peter Outerbridge, Orphan Black), perpetually bowl-stirring mother (Michelle Nolden, The Time Traveler's Wife) and cute-as-a-button little brother (Peter DaCunha, Remember). Read more ...



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Descendents Announce Australian Tour

Music Reviews, News and Articles


Descendents Announce Australian Tour : Music News and Reviews on Web Wombat Entertainment


Back in Australia for the first time since 2012, punk rock pioneers, DESCENDENTS return in February 2017 in support of their new album, Hypercaffium Spazzinate. Read more ...



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Kinky Boots

Theatre, Comedy, Musical Reviews, News & Events


Kinky Boots :  Theatre, Comedy & Events on Web Wombat Entertainment


Kinky Boots is divine intervention; Kinky Boots knocks on your door and asks if you’ve heard the good news: “I exist.” Kinky Boots saves. There’s something both satisfying and masochistic about watching a show with few expectations and having those expectations battered. Less emotionally engaging as it was emotional shock and awe. This was beautiful stuff, what Anthony Burgess describes as, “A bird of rarest spun heaven-metal.” Read more ...



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Tabloid Brainstorming Meeting

Funny Stuff


Tabloid Brainstorming Meeting  : Humour on Web Wombat Entertainment


There's always work going in the major Aussie tabloids, if you've just the right mind for it... Read more ...



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