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Project Almanac  : Movie Reviews

.Project Almanac :  Movie Review on Web Wombat

There’s no reason why a found footage time travel movie couldn’t work, but Project Almanac doesn’t exactly set out a strong case for why one should.  Read more ....



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Magic Mike XXL : Trailer Trash

Magic Mike XXL -  Upcoming Movie Previews and Trailers

Three years after he retired from stripping, Mike (Channing Tatum) reunites with the rest of the Kings of Tampa for a blow-out final performance in Myrtle Beach. Read more ....

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Horns : DVD & Blu Ray Reviews

Horns - DVD Review on Web Wombat

The viewer learns about the mystery right along with the main character. The story moves at a quick pace, so you just have to join in on the fun or step out of the way.  Read more ....



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Big Smoke : Music Album Reviews and News

Big Smoke -  Latest Music News & Video Clips

A cute cat and a stuffed alpaca recreate some of the most classic scenes from Hollywood romance movies, and it's adoreable! Read more ....

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Dirty Dancing : Theatre, Comedy & Musical Reviews and News

Dirty Dancing - musicals and theatre

The star of this show is the dancing which doesn’t disappoint. Led by Phelan and Peat, who impress across a range of styles, Michele Lynch’s choreography is thrilling. Read more ....



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Best Simpsons Couch Gags : Viral Videos

Humour : Funny Pictures, Viral Videos & Joke of the Day on Web Wombat

From the pixel art work of Paul Robertson and Ivan Dixon, to the biting satire of the elusive street artists Banksy, to the epic minute long clip which shows the openers to all 554 episodes at exactly the same time, Robot Chicken, to guest cult director Guillermo del Toro - there are some truly wonderful short films floating about out there.

If you don't want that, we have other stuff. We all need a laugh - some more than others - and here are some amusing tidbits. There's our bizarre take on self help authors in Reg Bartley's Olde World.

Also, check out the annual Darwin Awards, guaranteed to amuse with their absurdity. Read more ....



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