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Funny Photos

Over the years we have collected a treasure trove of funny, weird, outrageous and downright stupid photographs and images. Some of them are clear politically incorrect but we're not going to judge good from bad taste. We'll leave that to our discerning audience.

All we can say is that we hope you get a laugh or, at lease a cringe or s shudder, out of what people get up to and, more to the point, what they are willing and happy to share with the world at large.










Funny & Weird Photos

If you want more humour then you need to check out our Joke of the Day.

Funny Viral Videos

All the latest in Viral Videos across the internet, from the keyboard cat to Gangnam Style, we've got you covered.


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This sci-fi thriller could have done with an extra 20. That's not to say the film isn’t competently directed, well-written and chockers with decent actors, but a few ideas in the film are left to float, or not entered into at all.  Read More


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Mario is back, but not as you may commonly know him. The plucky plumber has been reduced to a 2D sticker. It doesn't seem to bother him too much though and the result is an adventure game that is different. Read More


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There’s something both satisfying and masochistic about watching a show with few expectations and having those expectations battered. Less emotionally engaging as it was emotional shock and awe.  Read More


Seminar Seminar : Theatre Reviews, Comedy & Events on Web Wombat Entertainment

There’s a lot of evenness to Seminar when the lights come up, however, what begins as balanced slowly becomes less so, and after so small amount of turmoil for the characters, what remains is a fantastic show.  Read More


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