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We at Web Wombat want to give you plenty of them, so keep coming back to 'Have A Laugh' for regular updates of Funny Clips, Funny Pictures, Flash Animations and other Internet Comic Delights.

From the wonders of our World Famous Joke of the Day, our Funny Pics archive with thousands of comic gems, Viral Videos from around the globe or our hilarious pieces of Light Reading. There is literally something for everyone.

So what are you waiting for? Get your laughing gear moving at The Humour Channel

Funny, Weird and Wacky Pictures

.Funny, Weird, Wacky and Amusing Photos and Pictures

Looking for a quick laugh, or for something to make you think twice and wonder about our crazy world, then Web Wombat offers some funny, weird, idiotic, politically incorrect and, oft times, darn cute photos for your enjoyment or amazement. See more ....


Joke Of The Day

Joke Of The Day, Funny Jokes and Gags

Our Jokes can be weird, obtuse, politically incorrect, crass, rude, irreverent, cute or satirical but, we hope, always funny and refreshed instantly! Read more ....


Funny & Cool Viral Videos : How To Talk Australians

Funny, Weird and Clever Viral Youtube and Internet Video  Clips

Like the mother tongue itself, the Brits invented Rhyming Slang, the Australians have turned it into an art form. From Barry Crocker (shocker) to Germaine Greer (beer). Introduction of ‘Chopper’ the talking cockie.

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