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Australian Box Office

(USA Box Office)


 Title Weeks In
$ Last
$ Total
 1. The Inbetweeners 2 NEW 3,155,050 3,246,089
 2. Guardians Of The Galaxy 3 2,733,263 19,093,493
 3. The Hundred-Foot Journey 2 1,763,587 5,742,710
 4. Lucy 4 1,142,714 12,972,765
 5. The Expendables 3 2 900,710 3,184,507
 6. Doctor Who: Deep Breath NEW 629,219 629,219
 7. Begin Again 3 306,429 979,360
 8. Hercules 5 136,562 8,030,205
 9. Freedom NEW 124,356 124,356
 10. A Most Wanted Man 4 120,586 1,124,689
 11. Sex Tape 6 119,613 7,303,166
 12. How To Train Your Dragon 2 10 119,139 26,329,253
 14. And So It Goes 3 95,787 1,204,585
 15. Deep Sea Challenge 3D NEW 93,049 101,865

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The Oz Box Office Wrap Up
with Sean Lynch

Forget the fact that the excellent comedy The Inbetweeners 2 was the #1 movie at the Australian Box Office this week, forget about Guardians of the Galaxy continuing its stellar run at the top end of the chart - this week it was all about Doctor Who.

Bare in mind, unlike last years The Day Of The Doctor, "Deep Breath" wasn't a special event film... it was simply the Series 8 premiere. Yet, somehow, it managed to rake in a whopping $600k+ across just under 150 screens. It was equally successful in the UK where it managed to hit No. 8 in the UK cinema box office for the weekend and took in just over £500,000.

If a TV show can make that much on the big screen, imagine what an actual Doctor Who movie could do.

Further more... imagine if cinemas started airing Game of Thrones episodes in cinemas? Or Breaking Bad? Could cinema become the next step for television... thus saving both mediums from the extinction on the horizon caused by streaming services and torrenting?


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