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USA Box Office

(Australian Box Office)


 Title Weeks In
$ Last
$ Total
 1. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes NEW 72.6M 72.6M
 2. Transformers: Age of Extinction 3 16.3M 208.8M
 3. Tammy 2 12.5M 56.9M
 4. 22 Jump Street 5 6.5M 171.7M
 5. How to Train Your Dragon 2 5 6M 152.2M
 6. Earth to Echo 2 5.4M 24.5M
 7. Deliver Us From Evil 2 4.7M 25M
 8. Maleficent 7 4.1M 222M
 9. Begin Again 3 2.8M 5.1M
 10. Jersey Boys 4 2.5M 41.7M
 11. Think Like a Man Too 4 2.4M 61.8M
 12. America 3 2.3M 8.2M
 13. Edge of Tomorrow 6 1.8M 94.4M
 14. The Fault in our Stars 6 1.5M 119.6M
 15. Chef 10 1.2M 24M


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The US Box Office Results Wrap Up
with Sean Lynch

After a massive opening, especially in China where it broke all kinds of records, Transformers: Age of Extinction is quickly losing ground at the USA Box Office with a whopping 56% decline and an expected final cume of $245-250M (well down on what was expected).

Tammy held up well in its second week despite horrible reviews and continues this summers impressive run for comedies which have seen plenty of people fork out cash for laughs including Neighbours ($148M), 22 Jump Street ($171M) and Think Like A Man Too ($61M).

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