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Adelaide Fringe 2017 Announces Program

by Lisa Dib


From February 17 to March 19, the Southern Hemisphere’s biggest open access festival takes over every nook and cranny in Adelaide with comedy, theatre, dance, circus, improv and more! Adelaide Fringe will be around again before we know it, bringing in entertainment from all around Australia, and internationally.

2017 will also be the last Fringe for iconic Adelaide venue Rhino Room (as well as offshoot spaces Urban Cow and The Howling Owl), who will be closing their doors to make room for a hotel/apartment complex because who cares about arts and entertainment anyway. You can check out the full, totally chockers program here but here’s a few tips from me to get you started.



Set List

A fab concept, where stand-ups are given topics to riff about on the spot.



The Bedroom Philosopher - The Cat Show



The Bedroom Philosopher (Justin Heazlewood) dresses as a cat, and performs every song in his hefty repertoire that makes mention of kitties. What’s not to like?



Arielle Conversi - Tumbleweedesque

Sharp and cheeky San Diegoan Arielle returns to Aus with her new hour of stories and gags. Can’t wait!



Sammy J - Hero Complex

Saw this one at Melbourne Fringe and can’t recommend it highly enough.



Tessa Waters - Fully Sik



The divine Miss T and her weird, funny, bendy, baudy sketch/dance/comedy style. Always a joy.



3’s Comedy

Peter Jones, Luka Muller and Adam Knox are three of Melbourne’s best stand-up comics. Like, just endlessly funny guys. Go to the show and laugh heaps. Do it.



Alanta Colley - Parasites Lost

Also saw this at Melbourne Fringe and can attest that it is wonderfully interesting, drily hilarious and genuinely interesting. Not for the hyper bug-squeamish, though.



Adelaide Fringe runs from February 17 - March 19 in venues all over Adelaide. Check out the program and get planning!



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