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The Telluride Horror Show Returns in 2017

by Jon Rutledge


The Telluride Horror Show is starting to look at 2017. They are looking for filmmakers who work in the horror genre who want to have their film shown at one of America’s premier film festivals. This year’s tickets sold out well before the opening, indicating that people plan ahead when going to the festival in the mountains. Around 500 people arrived to enjoy the very best in horror; each year they have added something new, and this year they included an author, Joe R. Lansdale, who treated guests to a campfire story in the local park. Reading from one of his horror short stories, he set the tone with his gruff voice and visage illuminated by the campfire. It was an excellent addition to the festival this year.

They also expanded to the local library for some new events, a panel discussion hosted by some independent film makers, and it opened up space to show some more feature films in the Gargoyle Room. No matter what festival you go to, you have to make hard choices about the films. What do you see, what do you skip? With the additional venue, they have given the viewer some flexibility to see some second screenings, giving patrons more opportunities than before. This year’s lineup was outstanding: out of the twenty or so films, there were only two I didn’t care for. Not a bad result. They increased the number of secret screenings to three. You have no idea what movie you are seeing - you just show up and enjoy. The staff was very tight-lipped about what they were; the audience had no idea until they introduced the film.

Telluride, Colorado, USA is a perfect setting for this festival. Set right in the remote mountains, you get the best in food and atmosphere. The people in attendance are a wide variety of fans; some are horror aficionados, some are just casual fans. While you wait, you can expect to be caught up in a conversation surrounding films you have seen, you want to see, and wild speculation on what the secret screenings are. The nature of this quaint town is such that, even when you go out to eat, you will run into festival fans everywhere you go.



For breakfast, you can stop by Baked in Telluride and have a conversation about the short films you saw last night; have lunch at Gnarly Tacos on your way back from the screening at the Gargoyle Room and plan your evening; and before the late feature, have dinner at theAlpinist and the Goat and enjoy a fondue before you finish off with a late night horror feature. These three I enjoyed and there are lost more to choose from.

If you are a film maker you need to try and get your film into this festival. The staff and attendees are all there for one thing; to enjoy horror movies of all shapes and sizes. The staff is starting the screening process now. Here is a link to the submission page. If your film is selected, you will get access to a dedicated group of people who love horror movies. I hope to see you next year, or if not you, I hope to see your film.


Telluride Horror Show is October 13-15th, 2017. Head to the website for details, locations, etc.




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