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Book Review: The Professional Chef : 9th Edition By The Culinary Institute of America

The Professional Chef by the Culinary Institute of America is almost winning the race as the replacement for the many cook books weighing down my bookshelves.

The Professional Chef : 9th Edition
Endangered Phrases By Stephen D Price

Book Review: Endangered Phrases By Stephen D Price

Endangered Phrases is a catchy title for a book about intriguing idioms dangerously close to extinction. I did enjoy reading through the idioms, those that I knew and those that I didn't know. After all, Price does provide interesting definitions and explanations.

Book Review: Paris To The Past: Traveling Through French History By Train By Ina Caro

This book by Ina Caro is not a work of fiction. It stems from the author's realisation that from Paris by train there is an opportunity to progressively visit the cathedrals and fortresses of the Middle Ages, the cities and castles of the Renaissance and key locations from the 17th, 18th & 19th centuries.

Paris To The Past: Traveling Through French History By Train By Ina Caro
Melbourne's Bars and Pubs 2012

Book Review: Melbourne's Bars and Pubs 2012

Melbourne's Bars and Pubs 2012 is not only a guide to hidden laneways and secret pubs but also to a host of popular night spots scattered throughout the beautiful city of Melbourne. A city known for her late night spots and continual surprises - a concoction of Rooftop Bars and dimly lit basement drinking holes.

Book Review: Bali: The Food Of My Island Home By Janet de Neefe

Bali: The Food of My Island Home is a delectable manifestation of food, art, writing and place. Its Australian author, Janet de Neefe, has lived in Bali for over two decades and knows very well how to introduce the food of Bali to newcomers.

Flavours of Melbourne By Jonette George and Daniele Wilton
Bali: The Food Of My Island Home By Janet de Neefe

Book Review: A Magic Gecko - By Horst Henry Geerken

A Magic Gecko by Horst Henry Geerken, tells us that a gecko's frequent calls are carefully counted by Indonesians. When the tokek calls, if it's an odd number it's a sign of luck, and the more times it calls, the more luck it denotes.

Book Review: Flavours of Melbourne By Jonette George and Daniele Wilton

Flavours of Melbourne celebrates the food and bar scene that is well known to Melbourne 'insiders' like Jonette George and Daniele Wilton. George wrote the copy, Wilton designed the book and Brad Hill took the photographs.

Flavours of Melbourne By Jonette George and Daniele Wilton
Spirit House By Mark Dapin

Book Review: Spirit House - By Mark Dapin

Spirit House by Mark Dapin is about demons, demons that haunt and torment an elderly war veteran's thoughts and memories from the horror of Changi prison and the Burma Railway.

Book Review: Cemeteries By Keith Eggener

Cemeteries, the latest book in the series of Visual Sourcebooks in Architecture, Design and Engineering published by Norton/Library of Congress has been reviewed by Marjie Courtis.

Cemeteries by Keith Eggener
Sarah's Last Wish

Book Review: Sarah's Last Wish - By Eve Hillary

Sarah's Last Wish, chronicled by Eve Hillary, is a heart breaking true story of a young girl stigmatised by a medical mis-diagnosis which is later found to be a rare, aggessive terminal illness.

Book Review: Beverage Basics: Understanding & Appreciating Wine, Beer and Spirits - By Robert Small

This is a book to have with you at home as you taste and compare different wines, checking and double checking against descriptors and check lists to see what you can identify and what you can learn to identify. It's also a book for professionals.

Beverage Basics: Understanding & Appreciating Wine, Beer and Spirits
By Robert Small
sweets of araby

Book Review: The Sweets of Araby - Leila Salloum Elias and Muba Salloum

It's like rubbing Aladdin's Lamp, one of the most famous tales of the Arabian nights, 25 tales from the 9th century are interspersed with equally ancient recipes for sweets and desserts referred to in the tales.

Exclusive Interview: Shaun Micallef - Preincarnate

Web Wombat caught up with Shaun Micaellf, without doubt, one of the most unique comedic voices in Australia. His sense of the surrealism is unparrellelled, inspired by the classics in the form of The Goons and Monty Python.

shaun micallef
Produce to Platter: Mornington Peninsula

Book Review: Produce to Platter: Mornington Peninsula - David Kennedy

With the possible exception of the coverage of the wineries, there is far more focus on the platter than there is on the produce of this region than there is in its namesake on the Bellarine Peninsula.

Book Review: Produce to Platter: Geelong and Surrounding Regions

The conceptual idea of a book devoted to the ingredients and culinary outputs of a particular geographic region, comes from Jonette George and Daniele Wilton, a mother and daughter team whose love of regional produce is clear from the outset.

Produce to Platter: Geelong and Surrounding Regions
Feng Shui For Dummies® (2nd Edition)
By David Kennedy

Book Review: Feng Shui For Dummies® (2nd Edition) - David Kennedy

It is hard to resist a book that promises you simple ways to improve so many areas of your life - Wealth, Fame, Marriage, Children, Helpful People, Career, Knowledge, Family and Health.

Book Review: Understanding Color : An Introduction for Designers (Fourth Edition)

This book by Linda Holtzschue is a valuable book with application far beyond its primary target market of design professionals. The language of color is used clearly and cleverly that its concepts become accessible to anyone with an interest in color.

Understanding Color : An Introduction for Designers (Fourth Edition) by Linda Holtzschue
Bluey & Dingos Outback Adventure
By Thomas Burton

Book Review: Bluey & Dingos Outback Adventure - Thomas Burton

Bluey & Dingo's Outback Adventure By Thomas Burton (and Illustrated by Rob Peters) is a good children's book and well suits the age group (and maybe a bit older) for whom it is written. A very good first book to begin your child's library.

Book Review: Introduction to Graphic Design Methodologies and Processes

While the book targets graphic designers, it has some universally relevant themes for target marketers, digital producers, and creative types in all modalities.

Introduction to Graphic Design
Methodologies and Processes by John Bowers
What Body Part Is
That? by Andy Griffiths

Book Review: What Body Part Is That? - Andy Griffiths

What Body Part Is That? by Andy Griffiths & Illustrated by Terry Denton is the latest in the children's series of books by this illustrious pair. In essence, the book looks at 68 body parts via notated drawings and some nonsense narrative (some of it repetitive).

Book Review: Hand Me Down World

Hand Me Down World by Lloyd Jones is a masterful tale that brings home with force and reality the life of someone living on the edge of society and who is driven by a single force.

Hand Me Down World by Lloyd Jones
Down Under by Bill

Book Review: Down Under - Bill Bryson

Down Under by Bill Bryson is a fact-filled, laugh-out-loud book of one man's travels around mainland Australia as he visits capital cities and outback town and landmarks.

Book Review: The Bourne Sanction

The Bourne Sanction by Eric Van Lustbader is not a novel that taxes you cerebrally but it will get the adrenalin pumping as it jumps from scene to scene of high powered energy.

The Bourne Sanction by Eric Van
Demon Gates by
Robert Day

Book Review: Demon Gates - Robert Day

Demon Gates is Robert Day's first novel and is the first book in what will become the The Nexus Wars Saga trilogy. This fantasy has all the elements and is a very good introductory vehicle into the genre.

Book Review: Towers of Midnight

Towers of Midnight by Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson is the thirteenth and penultimate volume in the classic fantasy series, The Wheel of Time. The plot lines draw together as we find ourselves on the cusp of The Last Battle.

Towers of Midnight by Robert Jordan
& Brandon Sanderson
tom gleisner

Exclusive Interview: Tom Gleisner - Audrey Gordon's Tuscan Summer

From Frontline to The Late Show, Thank God You're Here to The Castle Tom Gleisner is a man that clearly knows the difference between the funny and unfunny.

Book Review: Jasper Jones

Jasper Jones by Craig Silvey is a story of a young boy living in a WA rural town that is cloaked in dark secrets. Dark themes but sprinkled with wry humour and making for an excellent read.

Jasper Jones
by Craig Silvey
anthony prince

Exclusive Interview: Anthony Prince | Book Review : Bank Robbery For Beginners

It was described as possibly the most inept bank robbery of all time and it made headlines around the world. Web Wombat reviews the book, and talks with the man, that contributed to one of the most bizarre robberies in history.

Book Review: The Silver Spoon

An absolute phenomenon for 2006. The Italian quintessential cooking book has been translated in to English for the first time and is selling like hot cakes! A great gift or for any home chef another classic for your kitchen bookshelf.

The Silver
Spoon - Translated from Italian
Concrete: A Seven Thousand Year
History by Reese Palley

Book Review: Concrete: A Seven Thousand Year History

Reese Palley examines the 7,000 year history of concrete although, controversially, according to our reviewer, should it really only be 3,000 years?

Book Review: The Passage

With its biblical, horror, conspiracy theory mix The Passage by Justin Cronin is based on a good premise and in parts makes enthralling reading, but unfortunately it ends with more of a whimper than a bang.

The Passage By Justin Cronin
Very Bad Book By
Andy Griffiths

Book Review: The Very Bad Book

Andy Griffiths, with Terry Denton on Illustrations, brings us the second book in the Bad series. This is something a little different and is chock full of cartoons, rhymes, jokes, riddles and assorted drawings. In his inimitable style be prepared for some political incorrectness.

Exclusive Interview: Andy Griffiths - The Very Bad Book

Web Wombat caught up with the literary legend while on a four week tour across the country ahead of the release of The Very Bad Book - a new collection of very bad poems, stories, songs, cartoons, comic strips, jokes, riddles and whatever other nonsense they figured they could get away with.

griffiths : Interview
Rembrandt Affair By Daniel Silva

Book Review: The Rembrandt Affair

Everyone loves a good espionage. A thriller with twists and turns and with a story line that has you turning each page eagerly anticipating what's to come..

Book Review: Shakespeare The Illustrated Edition

For someone interested in finding out about Shakespeare to understand his life and times then Shakespeare The Illustrated Edition By Bill Bryson is a great starting point.

Shakespeare The
Illustrated Edition By Bill Bryson
Rules! : The Designer's Guide to Professional Typography

Book Review: Type Rules! : The Designer's Guide to Professional Typography

Type Rules! : The Designer's Guide to Professional Typography by Ilene Strizver is a comprehensive source of information about the technicalities and art of typography. So for an authoritative, interesting and practical guide this book provides a great starting point.

Book Review: Gamers' Quest

Gamers' Quest by George Ivanoff is a fantasy with a plot and story line modeled on a computer game. Written for the young reader this book was was a winner in the 2010 Chronos Awards.

Gamers' Quest by George Ivanoff
Madigan Mine

Book Review: Madigan Mine

Madigan Mine by Kirstyn McDermott is a light thriller which touches on supernatural and occult themes. An interesting story concept that draws to a conclusion too quickly and doesn't leave the reader wondering too deeply.

Book Review: Somewhere Down A Crazy River

Somewhere Down A Crazy River by Robyn Catchlove is an autobiography of a life fishing the idyllic waters of Northern Queensland but with a dark undercurrent of abuse and frustration with the loss of innocence.

Somewhere Down A Crazy River by Robyn
Sophie Lee : Interview

Exclusive Interview: Sophie Lee - Edie Amelia and the Monkey Shoe Mystery

Sophie Lee is the mother of three small children, a well-known actor, a novelist, a columnist for the Sunday Telegraph and she has recently completed a post-graduate course in Creative Writing at UTS. She is now embarking on yet another adventure - her first book for children.

Book Review: Getting Even With Fran

Getting Even With Fran By Christine Stinson is a book to read with a glass of wine and in front of an open fire on a cold winters night when you have nothing else to do and you just want to relax and not be over taxed.

Getting Even With Fran By Christine Stinton
Book Review : Paths of Glory - Jeffrey Archer

Book Review : Paths of Glory - Jeffrey Archer

A beautifully constructed story that presents a credible and realistic alternative to, what may have been, the first conquest of Mt Everest by the man who was credited with having said, when asked the question, "Why do you want to climb Mount Everest?", replied simply, "Because it's there."

Book Review: Why Italians Love To Talk About Food

Italian food, in it's variety of forms and styles, has historically had a influence on eating habits through-out the world. Why Italians Love to Talk About Food by Elena Kostioukovitch is not a book to be read from cover to cover but one to just jump into at any point and enjoy.

Why Italians Love To
Talk About Food by Elena Kostioukovitch
Book Review : The Ides of March - Valerio Massimo

Book Review : The Ides of March - Valerio Massimo Manfredi

The Ides of March by Valerio Massimo Manfredi makes for an enjoyable and suspenseful read and, as a valuable adjunct, a short history lesson on 8 days in the life and times of Julius Caesar up to his assassination on The Ides of March.

Book Review: Decoding the Lost Symbol

All in all, Decoding the Lost Symbol is an entertaining and informative read and will make a good companion edition to Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol says our Literary reviewer

Decoding the Lost Symbol by Simon Cox
1001 Books You Must
Read Before You Die By Dr Peter Boxall

Book Review: 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die

The ultimate book reader's companion with a summary and jacket cover of some of the all time classic fiction masterpieces.

Exclusive Interview: Tony Martin - A Nest Of Occasionals

Web Wombat's Sean Lynch caught up with cult comedy hero, Tony Martin (from Radio's Get This! and TV's The Late Show) as he embarks on the release of his second book - a unique collection of tales called A Nest Of Occasionals.

Tony Martin : A Nest
Of Occasionals : Interview
The Boat by Nam Le : Web Wombat
Book Review

Book Review: The Boat
(22nd July 2008)

A collection of short stories by Nam Le of diverse settings but linked by the common theme of despair and darkness of the human spirit and by societies failings.

Book Review: Second Chance
(17th July 2008)

A group of friends deal with the death of one of the group differently but in ways that the reader would be able to relate. Has a climactic twist that will appeal to certain readers.

Second Chance - Jane Green
The Painter of Shanghai -
Jennifer Cody Epstein

Book Review: The Painter of Shanghai
(17th July 2008)

A mixture of fact and fiction to present a story of one woman's rise to success as an artist in a world in which women have their place and painting is not one of them.

Book Review: Petite Anglaise
(29th May 2008)

A true story of an episode in the life of Catherine Sanderson who commences a blog out of interest that ends up taking her down a path she didn't foresee into a life she would not have expected.

Petite Anglaise by Catherine
The Cuckoo's Eggs by Anwyn Clas

Book Review: The Cuckoo's Eggs
(3rd April 2008)

A beautifully written story of child abuse and neglect. The story of a helpless young child who survives against what seems to be insurmountable odds.

Book Review: People of the Book
(11th February 2008)

By the Pulitzer prize winning author Geraldine Brooks, this historically based fiction weaves a story around the Sarajevo Haggadah, a Jewish book of rites and a collection of biblical stories.

People of of Book by Geraldine
Searching for Schindler by Tom

Book Review: Searching for Schindler - a memoir
(5th February 2008)

Gain a human insight into a story that grows from word of mouth to manuscript to eventually a published book and then see how it evolves into an Oscar winning movie. All through the eyes of the original author, Tom Keneally

Book Review: Gods Behaving Badly
(5th February 2008)

When the ancient Greek gods find themselves having to adapt to devine life in modern day London some interesting things happen, not least of which is the ethical and moral dilemmas with which they have to contend.  It takes a very human hero and heroine to save their collective bacon.

Gods Behaving Badly
Knight Seeker by Eric M

Book Review: Knight Seeker
(26th November 2007)

A new Super Hero is on the block. The world must be awash with evil for us to need so many but maybe it's because we have so many is what makes the world a much safer place. Is the Knight Seeker the one to take on the mantel of the protector of the world's values? (or is that the American  values?)

Book Review:
(12th September 2007)

Who Killed Channel 9? The death of Kerry Packer's mighty TV dream machine by Gerald Stone examines the end of the dominance of Channel 9 in Australian television. After such television successes as The Block, how is it that Channel 9 became an organisation of mass redundancies and management blunders. This is a book about television like no other with an inside look at what happened at Channel 9 after the death of Kerry Packer.

Who Killed Channel 9? by Gerald Stone
Me and Mr Darcy by Alexandra Potter a Book
Review by Web Wombat

Book Review:
(20th August 2007)

Emily Albright is a busy single woman who has experienced a string of disastrous relationships. She's had it with modern men and has been fantasizing over Jane Austen's Mr Darcy since she read Pride and Prejudice when she was 12. Imagine her surprise when she joins a tour of Jane Austen country and actually meets Mr Darcy for herself.

Book Review:
(17th August 2007)

The author of Three Wishes, Liane Moriarty has produced yet another delightful and funny novel about relationships, family secrets and love. With a uniquely Australian feel The Last Anniversary begins with Sophie Honeywell, almost forty and searching for love, however the novel is so much more than a love story.

The Last Anniversary by Liane Moriarty
a Book Review by Web Wombat
Dead Lucky Life
after death on Mount Everest by Lincoln Hall : Book Review by Web Wombat

Book Review:
(17th August 2007)

Lincoln Hall set off to conquer Mount Everest in April 2006 and began his push for the summit five weeks later. On his descent he was struck by cerebral oedema, high altitude sickness and was pronounced dead by the 2 sherpas accompanying him. The news of Lincoln Hall's death was transmitted around the world to his family in Australia.

Book Review:
(17th August 2007)

In nineteen minutes you can mow the front lawn, color your hair, watch a third of a hockey game. In nineteen minutes, you can bake scones or get a tooth filled by a dentist; you can fold laundry for a family of five. And nineteen minutes is all it takes for Peter Houghton to drastically change the lives of the students and families of Sterling High School.

Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult : Book Review
by Web Wombat
Architecture of Happiness by Alain de Botton Book Review Book Review: The Architecture of Happiness
(1st May 2006)

What makes a house beautiful? Is it serious to spend your time thinking about home decoration? Alain de Botton tackles a relationship central to our lives: Our buildings - and the objects we fill them with - affect us more profoundly than we might think.
Book Review: The Secret River
(28th April 2006)

A prize winning novel by Kate Grenville based on the fortunes of a convict transported to Sydney at the turn of the 1800's and tries to build a new life for himself and his family on the Hawkesbury River. 
The Secret River by
Kate Grenville
How to Buy and Sell on eBay.com.au by Todd Alexander Book Review Book Review: How to Buy and Sell on eBay.com.au - The Official Pocket Guide
(27th April 2006)

The perfect guide for anyone contemplating buying and selling on Australia's number one online marketplace written by an Australian author who has worked in the eBay marketing department.
Book Review: The Weather Makers
(26th April 2006)

One of the must reads for all humans to get up to speed on how we are doing with our magnificent planet. The book covers what's happened, what's happening and where we are heading. How have we affected the environment we live in and what are the consequences?
The Weather Makers
by Tim Flannery
March by
Geraldine Brooks Book Review Book Review: March
(24th April 2006)

Congratulations to Geraldine Brooks for her book March and becoming the 2006 Pulitzer Prize Winner. This book is is a novel set against the backdrop of the American Civil War. Geraldine is originally from Sydney, Australia and is mostly based in the USA these days.
Book Review: Spotless
(21st April 2006)

This absolute bestseller on cleaning anything and everything by Shannon Lush and Jennifer Fleming is a must read for anyone with unwanted stains. Alternatively, it is a fascinating read and somewhat inspiring given the answers to every day domestic disasters.
Spotless by Shannon Lush and
Jennifer Fleming
Mountain Divorce by Robert Barr Book Review Book Review: Mountain Divorce
(20th April 2006)

A new way of learning to read and speak English developed by a speech pathologist, C.M. Tognetti, she has modified a book written by Robert Barr around 1900. A great short story and useful tool for anyone trying to master the English language.
Book Review: Pop Stars & Idols
(19th April 2006)

"Are you the next BIG thing?" Lisa Aston gives promising entertainers the road map to becoming a pop star, rock star or professional entertainer. With over 25 years in the music industry. Here is a manual to  your dreams in to reality.
Pop Stars & Idols
by Lisa J Aston Book Review
Don't Kiss
Them Goodbye by Allison Dubois Book Review Book Review: Don't Kiss Them Goodbye
(18th April 2006)

The remarkable life story of psychic and criminal profiler Allison DuBois, who inspired the Sky TV show, MEDIUM.
Book Review: How to Kill your Husband (and other handy household hints)
(13th April 2006)

Jazz Jardine is a stay-at-home and domestic goddess. When she is arrested for her husband's murder her friends embark on a mission to prove her innocence and uncover an unexpected world of sex, betrayal and mystery.
How to Kill your Husband
(and other handy household hints) By Kathy Lette
The Melbourne Dreaming: A Guide
to the Aboriginal Places of Melbourne - Meyer Eidelson- Book Review Book Review: The Melbourne Dreaming: A Guide to the Aboriginal Places of Melbourne
(12th April 2006)

A Guide to the Aboriginal Places of Melbourne with lots of interesting self-guided tours and cross referencing to the local Melways street directory. Explore Australia's heritage and cultural origins.
Book Review: Patent Writing
(11th April 2006)

Neville Klaric and David Joseph have put the "how to" on preparing a patent in a great kit. Obviously not for everyone but these Aussies have certainly cut out the hard yakka for any aspiring inventors and entrepreneurs.
Patent Writing By David R. Joseph and
Neville M. Klaric
Salvation Creek - Susan Duncan -
Book Review Book Review: Salvation Creek 
(10th April 2006)

Susan Duncan  was an editor of Australia's top selling magazines who lost her husband and brother within 3 days of each other. This is her well written story of her battle with survival and finding a new life.
Book Review: Gittins' Guide to Economics

For those of us who wanted to know how the economy works then we have an up to date guide to the machinations of the Australian economy and how we fit in to the global market. Ideal for economic students or the Australian public.
Gittins' Guide to
Economics By Robert Norton
Dr Joshi's Holistic Detox
By Dr Nish Joshi Book Review: Dr Joshi's Holistic Detox

One of the world's most celebrated detox experts, well at least many celebrities have undergone his detox program. Renowned for rejuvenating and cleansing people from all walks and health related issues. If you want to fee fantastic then its time to purify yourself.
Book Review: Treat People Like Dogs!

A book dedicated to anyone wanting to be a passionate leader. Using the 1000 mile Alaskan dog race as a metaphor this book challenges the reader with 6 tasks to become an inspiring leader.
Treat People Like Dogs! - Six
tasks for passionate leaders By Robert Norton
How You Could Build a $10
Million Property Portfolio in Just 10 Years By Peter Spann Book Review: How You Could Build a $10 Million Property Portfolio in Just 10 Years

Well who wouldn't want to know how to do that! Peter Spann lays out the formula to go from nothing to something and set you and your family up for life.
Book Review: Kakuro for Dummies

The newest number puzzle craze that has swept Japan and the rest of the world. Definitely for anyone who is a Sudoku addict and looking for a challenging change.
Kakuro for Dummies By Andrew
The Prince of Australia -
Kevin Childs Book Review: The Prince of Australia...and other Rebels, Rogues and Ratbags

Turning the spotlight on some of Australia's colourful characters and legends of the past. A great gift for any lover of Australian history or reminder of how we actually came to be the fascinating eclectic society of today.
Book Review: The Tenth Circle

Just released from bestselling author Jodi Picoult has already shot to the bestsellers in its first week. A story about the unbreakable bond between parent and child and the dangerous repercussions of trying to play the hero.
The Tenth Circle - Jodi Picoult
The Da Vinci Code - Dan Brown Book Review: The Da Vinci Code

What would any book review website be without mentioning this all time bestseller. Its success has not escaped controversy but most of all captured the imagination of readers all over the world.

The Web Wombat Book Channel is kindly sponsored, researched and reviewed by Booktopia Bookshop. Any authors or publishers wishing to have their books reviewed should contact Booktopia; Australia's fastest growing online bookstore.
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