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James Bond - 20: Interview

Interview by Clint Morris

Interview with Michael Madsen
Actor from Bond 20 and Kill Bill films.

Those ray-ban glasses, that urbane deportment, the coolness that drips from his forehead… Could it possibly be anyone else other than Michael Madsen?

From his Mr. Blonde in Reservoir Dogs to the alien-busting conqueror of the Species series, Madsen oozes style - and is venerated for it. Now on the set of the latest James Bond movie, he tells Clint Morris about fresh beginnings, a locked role in Ian Fleming's 007 series and about Quentin Tarantino's next movie.

Michael Madsen plays Damian Falco in Bond 20

As we speak, it's still untitled, so the movie going world only knows it as Bond 20, but the new James Bond movie is shaping up to be the most intriguing addition yet to the series.

Pierce Brosnan returns for the 4th time as Super Suave agent 007; with a familiar face joining him for the first time. That's Michael Madsen with the gun and surfboard over there. Odd combination for many, but it suits this towering prankster down to a tee.

Madsen is entering the franchise as Rogue CIA agent Damian Falco. "Shaken Not Stirred", says Madsen when asked how the mood is on the set.

"No injuries as yet," he says "...maybe just to my psyche". It wouldn't be surprising if Madsen has knocked up a bruise or two, just last week co-star Pierce Brosnan was injured while shooting a water sequence.

Reportedly the cast has had to learn how to surf and tackle the sea for a dazzling moment early on in the film. "I'm also learning to surf," Madsen tells. "But I'm Damian Falco, the head of the NSA," referring to the unsound occurrence of a suit and tie wearing agent catching tubes.

Although details are still wooly, part of the next Bond film purportedly involves Bond going undercover to discover the dirty deeds of the film's villain, Colonel Moon and its Madsen as Falco, who lends a hand to the bravado spy. "It's not a big role but it's somewhat pivotal in that it introduces a new recurring character," Madsen says of the role he won back in December.

"Most of my scenes are with Judi Dench (as M), who is a delightful human being." As for the famous Madsen good guy might be bad routine, there's no hints from the man himself. "Let's just say it's pivotal."

Madsen is highly indebted of his return to big screen blockbuster cinema, following a down time spending most of his working days on B-grade video numbers. He'd also like to star in a movie alongside his sister, actress Virginia Madsen, but has a couple of sure-things to keep him busy until that comes off.

"I'll be returning in Bond 21!" says an energized Madsen. He has also cleared time to re-unite with his Reservoir Dogs director Quentin Tarantino for a new movie called Kill Bill. "My name is Budd and I live in a trailer park in Texas," he says of the part. "I've been working on the scenes with Quentin for a few months now. I'm Bill's (the titular character) little brother," he adds.

"And let's just say Bud's dangerous." And despite its setback, Madsen is still hoping he gets to work with Tarantino on that Pulp Fiction prequel. "If there is a god… it will still be made." But as happy as he'd be to reprise his role as the bank robbing Vega brother, he's keeping away from the Species series. "Species 3? If there is a god, I hope it's not happening," he laughs.

Seems the only way to go is up for Michael Madsen. And whether it's shooting the breeze with 007, or mixing martinis with Tarantino, there's a big chance you'll be lining up to see a Madsen movie at the multiplex again very soon.

"Sure, there will be more crap. However, I'm looking forward to a bright and promising future, which was once my destiny. Hey I'm learning to surf!" Fulfillment comes in small packages.

Bond 20 opens November 2002.
Kill Bill opens 2003.

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