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Birds of Tokyo - Universes (2008)

Birds of Tokyo

Birds Of Tokyo



1. Uno
2. Broken Bones
3. Wild Eyed Boy
4. Silhouettic
5. Head In My Hands
6. White Witch
7. An Ode To Death
8. Armour For Liars
9. The Bakers Son
10. Train Wrecks
11. Medicine

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Wow – Birds of Tokyo – I have been a fan of the group from the outset… And there is nothing like getting an advance album copy to brighten one’s day!

I love the stamp on the front: it says in a small white box – black words - asking you to 'please respect independent Australian artists'.

A quiet little plea to be kind to these Aussies who are blazing a trail across the country with the sellout Silhouettic single tour earlier this year, which this writer was mighty pissed with the sold out sign on her publicans’ window the day of the gig.

For a sophomore album this is a tight one – 43 or so minutes means it's over really quickly and leaves you wanting more.

The eleven tracks played back to back here are nothing short of stunning – each following on from the last in a pleasant aural manner.

The 58 second intro Uno is a promise of things to come – with the sound growing and rising out of my speakers – a perfect introduction to Track 2 : Broken Bones.

I love Silhouettic : it's constant radio play ensuring that on first album play I sung along, knowing all the words.

Really though, it’s hard to pick a favourite. White Witch is a pretty major highlight - but more often than not, it's like asking your parent which is their favourite child. They offer that much

I have quite a few favourite albums that will have one or two tracks that I can’t bear my ears to hear. So it’s a complicated listening session of skipping tracks or creating new playlists.

Birds of Tokyo
will not get the same hardcore ear censorship!

Birds of Tokyo are one to watch – Australia produces some extremely high quality music – music we should be patriotically proud of – and I can’t wait until Album #2 from The 'Birds is released, no doubt destined to fly up the charts.

RATING: 5 out of 5

Download Album: Birds Of Tokyo

Purchase CD:  Birds of Tokyo

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