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  • Car Loan Approvals: What are the things to do to to ensure a quick car loan approval and the information you need to have at hand need when applying for a  car loan?
  • Signs of Credit Card Debt Overload: With most things in life, identifying a problem gets you a lot closer to its solution. Credit card debt is no exception. The sooner you recognise that you have a problem, the sooner you should be able to implement some strategies to address it.
  • Top Novated Lease Misconceptions: Have you considered a Novated Lease for your next vehicle but have been put off by all the negative things you've heard about them. Well, we have itemised some of the biggest Novated Lease myths in an attempt to put some misconceptions to bed.
  • Avoiding Credit Card Fees: Credit cards are a common form of payment today, especially with the increase in online shopping, but how do you avoid some of the high charges associated with credit cards?
  • Safe Online Shopping: In spite of this increasing popularity there is one fear that has kept many wary of online shopping.  This fear is credit card fraud.  How do you know that when you enter your credit card details online you're personal information and card details are not going to fall into the wrong hands?
  • When is Travel and Accommodation Tax Deductable?: Traveling expenses incurred in the course of the taxpayer's work or in traveling between one place of business and another will be deductible. For example motor vehicle expenses, air, bus, train or taxi fares, car rental costs etc.
  • Tax Return Preparation: Completing the Australian tax return could be a complicated matter and as a result, many Australians  -  up to 74% according to the Australian treasury - make use of an income tax accountant (generally called tax agents) to assist them with their tax return forms.
  • 10 Traps of Poor SMSF Admin: Traps that occur are more innocuous until inevitably it is too late and the financial ramifications become unavoidable, which is regrettable when in most instances, with a bit a forward planning and good compliance, they could be avoided.
  • Cancelling Bankruptcy: A dividend is an amount paid to a creditor by a trustee to settle a debt. It is usually less than the amount originally owed to the creditor.

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