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Disney's Hercules (1997) not only showcases the animated retelling (an albeit ... more innocent version) of the Greek mythical strongman, but how kind of awesome a boyf he would be. Don't you reckon? Read More


Seven Seven : DVD Review on Web Wombat Entertainment

On paper it sounds like a high-school film project at first. But this is one of the best horror/crime movies, you’re likely to see, thanks to the combined efforts of all the talent involved. Read More


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Despite the seemingly nonsensical title, Bravely Second is a new RPG from the masters at Square Enix that looks like it might manage to stand out from the crowd. Read More


The Curse of the Hit The Curse of the Hit : Music Comment on Web Wombat Entertainment

You know why you think a lot of artists are one-hit wonders? Because they had major (sometimes mind-blowing) success with one song that became the sword of Damascus above their head for the rest of their career. Read More


Dark Souls III Dark Souls III : Previewed on Web Wombat Games

The brutally beautiful world of Dark Souls III is soon heading to a console near you and we came across this excellent trailer to get you in the mood for some serious skull crushing. Read More