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Sniper Elite 4 Sniper Elite 4 : Preview on Web Wombat Games

Attention fans of ballistic bliss. The next game in the Sniper series is drawing a bead on your PS4 and PC. Check it out in our precise preview. Read More


Holden Spark Hatch Holden Spark Hatch Test Drive & Review On Web Wombat Motoring

The micro sized Holden Spark is a solid looking vehicle that is improved in looks markedly by the addition of the optional Design Pack. This is quite a nippy vehicle with great manoeuvrability and road holding. Read More


Podcasts You Should Be Listening To Spice Girls : Twenty Years On : Music News & Review on Web Wombat Entertainment

There's really so much good listening out there, you guys! For real, there's enough podcasts to get you through, like, a whole flight to Perth, even. Here's a few (more) that I think you might like. Read More


Sherlock Holmes: The Devils Daughter Sherlock Holmes: The Devils Daughter on PS4 : Review on Web Wombat Games

The great Mr Holmes will save the day, solve some cases and pontificate on matters murderous. This adventure, the 14th to date to feature the Victorian sleuth might just tempt those unfamiliarwith the series. Read More


Embrace of the Serpent Embrace of the Serpent : Movie News & Reviews on Web Wombat Entertainment

A jungle adventure out now from Palace films, takes a fresh new angle on the Heart of Darkness narrative we've heard before, telling the story of Western ethnographers seeing Amazon through the eyes of a shaman. Read More