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Command & Conquer Generals Cheats (PC)

Cheat: Scud Bug
This cheat allows you to launch the scudstorm repeatedly with out having to wait 5 min. You start by building a scudstorm with the GLA (note: it does not have to be fully constructed to use this cheat ex. 15%). Next select the scud storm and press Q. Press and hold ctrl and select where you want it to fire and it will not stop until you tell it to.

Hack: All Badges
This involves editting a game file, so make a back-up before proceeding.

Go locate the command and conquer generals data folder. It can be found in driveletter:\my documents\ -or- driveletter:\documents and settings\administrator\ (WinXP). Locate and use Notepad (or a similar text editor) to open skirmishstats.ini You want to copy over the contents of the whole file with the following:

BestWinStreak = 999
Challenge = 0
Honors = 999999999999999
LastHouse = China
LoyalGames = 999
Nuke = 100
PPC = 100
SCUD = 100
WinStreak = 999
Wins = 999
maps\alpine assault\alpine assault.map_4 = 100
maps\armored fury\armored fury.map_4 = 100
maps\dark mountain\dark mountain.map_4 = 100
maps\desert fury\desert fury.map_4 = 100
maps\fallen empire\fallen empire.map_4 = 100
maps\final crusade\final crusade.map_4 = 100
maps\fortress avalanche\fortress avalanche.map_4 = 100
maps\golden oasis\golden oasis.map_4 = 100
maps\heartland shield\heartland shield.map_4 = 100
maps\homeland alliance\homeland alliance.map_4 = 100
maps\lone eagle\lone eagle.map_4 = 100
maps\rogue agent\rogue agent.map_4 = 100
maps\sand serpent\sand serpent.map_4 = 100
maps\scorched earth\scorched earth.map_4 = 100
maps\silent river\silent river.map_4 = 100
maps\tournament desert\tournament desert.map_4 = 100
maps\tournament island\tournament island.map_4 = 100
maps\tournament lake\tournament lake.map_4 = 100
maps\tournament tundra\tournament tundra.map_4 = 100
maps\twilight flame\twilight flame.map_4 = 100
maps\wasteland warlords\wasteland warlords.map_4 = 100
maps\whiteout\whiteout.map_4 = 100
maps\winter wolf\winter wolf.map_4 = 100

Hint - Multi-Strategy Center
Normally when you are the USA, you can only build one strategy center. But there is a way to get more than one. For this trick to work you must be either the GLA or China. Also, there must be at least one USA team on hard or brutal. You need to build a barracks and get the capture building upgrade. Wait until the USA team builds a strategy center. Make sure it is not destroyed. Before you capture it, capture their command center. Then, build a constuction dozer. Begin to capture the strategy center now, and at the same time begin building another one with your new construcion dozer. They will both be usable to you once they are finished, so you can use multiple strategies.

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