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Championship Manager 4 (PC)

Sell a player for 2 billion
Control 2 teams - one that you want to control and one that you want to sell players to. Find the player that you want to sell and offer for the player, make all of the options as high as they go so, 100m upfront, 50% sell on, then 40m over 6 months, 40m after 1 game, 40m a game for 50 games, 40m for 1 international game, 40m for 10 league goals.

Then accept the offer and offer as much as possible in wages. Confirm the deal and the player will leave then play some league game with the club he went to get the money from the clauses. This works even if the club dosen't have enough money and you can do a lot of players at a time and soon become richer.

Good striker
Shevchenko who plays for Milan is superb and kicks heaps of goals, unlike many of the other so-call 'superstars' of the game. Pffft!

Players for free
Manage 2 clubs, say, Man U and Liverpool. If you want Owen from liverpool, go on Liverpool's team
and left click on Owen set transfer status. Cilck £0 on asking price and click "this player is not needed by the club".

Then go on Man U and make a bid for £0 then accept the bid on Liverpools team that you have made for Owen then offer him a contract and then comfirm the contract then comfirm on both teams. Crazy.

Take control of National Teams
1) Choose Add Manager.
2) In the team option, choose 'Choose from the list'.
3) Click on any team.
4) Click on an English player in the team.
5) Click on England in the player's profile.
6) Click on 'Take control'.
7) You will then be appointed as the National Team's manager without the need to earn it.
8) The same trick can be done for any league and any country.

Ace Forward
Buy Hasselbaink from Chelsea he is awesome scores very often.

There is no best couple of strikers than Van Nistelrooy and Michael Owen, with Ronaldinho besides. You'll never lose a game with these three. (Nb. not a guarantee...)

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