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Call of Duty: United Offensive (PC)

To enable cheats in this game modify your Call of Duty: United Offensive shortcut and add the following text in the target field AFTER all the other stuff:+set developer 1 +set sv_cheats 1

Then start the game using that shortcut and press [~] to open the console, and type the following codes (NOTE: All the codes with 0/1 are toggles; use 0 to turn them off and 1 to turn them on):

god - God mode
give - Gives indicated item
give health - Full health
notarget - The enemies won't shoot you
noclip - You can go straigh through walls
give all - Gives all items
give ammo - Gives ammunition
debug 1 - Turns debug mode on (0 to turn it off)
developer 1 - Turns developer mode on (0 to turn it off)
ufo - Fly mode
jumptonode - Teleports you to a specific node on the map
kill - Suicide

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