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Besieger (PC)

General Cheats
While playing, press [~] (tilde) to bring up the console, then type any of the following cheat codes:

Code - Result:

Invulnerability 1 - God Mode (0=Disable)
Daytime # - Set Daytime to # (1-24)
Debug 1 - Debug Mode (0=Disable)
DayTimespeed # - Set Daytime Speed to #
CreateUnit # - Create Unit # (#=Name)

Create Unit Cheat
On the CreateUnit # cheat code, you can type a single letter to get a listing of all possible creations for that letter. Example: "CreateUnit C" will show all units starting with "C".

Add Resources
Using the tilde [~] key to open the console:

Code - Result:

addwood # - where # = the desired amount of wood
addstone # - the same as above
addiron # - the same as above

You can experiment with all the comodities, for example, when the code has been typed correctly it will turn blue, otherwise check the spelling. The codes are not case sensitive, i.e. you dont have to be careful with upper and lower case.

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