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Cruise Ship Tycoon (PC)

Start the game as usual.

Then, during gameplay enter the following cheats:

IAmACheater - Enable cheat mode
GameDebug - Enable game debug mode
EngineDebug - Enable engine debug mode
CatDebug - Enable all debug modes and cheat mode
MovieCapture - Toggle movie capture

You can now use the following hotkey combos:

[Ctrl][Shift][*] - Get more money
[Ctrl][Shift][F11] - Toggle wireframe view and get more money
[Ctrl][Shift][K] - Temporarily change weather
[Ctrl][Shift][F8] - Toggle cull cam
[Ctrl][Shift][F9] - Show wire objects
[Ctrl][Shift][F10] - Show wire objects
[Ctrl][5] - You run out of fuel
[Ctrl][6] - You collide with iceberg
[Ctrl][7] - You collide with rocks
[Ctrl][8] - You get lost at sea with no way home
[Ctrl][9] - You become lunch for a seamonster
[Ctrl][0] - You ground your ship
[Tab] - Change view


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