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Doom 3 (PC)

General Cheats
Press CTRL + ALT + ~ to bring up the console.
Press is again to get rid of the console. Here you can enter these cheats:

God Mode: god
All Weapons, Full Health, Full Armor: give all
Walk through walls: noclip

Type “spawn” and the name of the character to spawn them.

Flaming Zombie: monster_zombie_bernie
Chainsaw Zombie: monster_zombie_sawyer
Z-sec Zombie with machine gun: monster_zombie_zsec_machinegun
Z-sec Zombie with pistol: monster_zombie_zsec_pistol
Z-sec Zombie with shield: monster_zombie_zsec_shield
Z-sec Zombie with shotgun: monster_zombie_zsec_shotgun
Commando Zombie: monster_zombie_commando
Commando Zombie with Chaingun: monster_zombie_commando_cgun
Fat Zombie: monster_zombie_fat2
Fat Zombie with wrench: monster_zombie_fat_wrench
Bald Zombie: monster_zombie_maint_bald
Zombie with no jaw: monster_zombie_maint_nojaw
Zombie with Wrench: monster_zombie_maint_wrench
Skinny Zombie: monster_zombie_maint_skinny
Zombie: monster_zombie_maint
Zombie: monster_zombie_maint2
Zombie wth Flashlight: monster_zombie_maint_flashlight
Headless Zombie: monster_zombie_suit_neckstump
Zombie: monster_zombie_suit_bloodymouth
Skinny Zombie: monster_zombie_suit_skinny
Zombie in Labcoat: monster_zombie_labcoat
Zombie Missing Limb: monster_zombie_limb
Zombie: monster_zombie_skinny
Zombie with a pipe: monster_zombie_pipe
Zombie in T-shirt: monster_zombie_tshirt_bald
Zombie: monster_zombie_tshirt_blown
Zombie in Jumpsuit: monster_zombie_jumpsuit
Zombie Eating: monster_zombie_jumpsuit_eating
Archvile: monster_demon_archvile
Cherub: monster_demon_cherub
Hellknight: monster_demon_hellknight
Imp: monster_demon_imp
Maggot: monster_demon_maggot
Mancubus: monster_demon_mancubus
Pinky: monster_demon_pinky
Revenant: monster_demon_revenant
Tick: monster_demon_tick
Trite: monster_demon_trite
Wraith: monster_demon_wraith
Cyberdemon: monster_boss_cyberdemon
Gaurdian: monster_boss_guardian
Guardian’s Seeker: monster_boss_guardian_seeker
Sabaoth: monster_boss_sabaoth
Vagary: monster_boss_Vagary

Mars City 1: marscity1.map
Mars City Underground: mcunderground.map
Mars City 2: marscity2.map
Administration: admin.map
Alpha Labs Sector 1: alpha1.map
Alpha Labs Sector 2: alpha2.map
Alpha Labs Sector 3: alpha3.map
Alpha Labs Sector 4: alpha4.map
EnPro Plant: enpro.map
Communications Transfer: commout.map
Communications: communications.map
Monorail Skybridge: recycling1.map
Recycling Sector 2: recycling2.map
Monorail: monorail.map
Delta Labs Level 1: delta1.map
Delta Labs Level 2A: delta2a.map
Delta Labs Level 2B: delta2b.map
Delta Labs Level 3: delta3.map
Delta Labs Level 4: delta4.map
Hell: hell.map
Delta Complex: delta5.map
CPU Complex: cpu1.map
Central Processing: cpuboss.map
Site 3: site3.map
Caverns Area 1: caverns1.map
Caverns Area 2: caverns2.map
Primary Excavation: hellhole.map

Modify Def Files
The def files for this game can be found in “doom/base/def”.

Open these files in a text editor to make modifications on all of the game variables, but make sure to back up your definition files in a text file.
Incorrectly modifying these files can have unwanted effects on your game and without a backup it is possible the planet may explode.

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