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Enter The Matrix (PC)

Play As Neo
With this trick you will be able to play with Neo skin.
In "Actors" rename the Ghost_Costume(XX).dcx files to .bak after that copy Neo.dcx to Ghost_Costume(XX).dcx (eg. Neo.dcx -> Ghost_Costume01.dcx and so on) This trick also works for any other character in the game.

Hack Cheats
Enter the hacking system in the game. Then, enter the command "cheat".
Enter one of the following codes:

Code : Effect

0034AFFF Maximum firepower
1DDF2556 Unlimited ammunition
69E5D9E4 Unlimited focus
FFF0020A Fast focus restore
7F4DF451 Unlimited health
13D2C77F Bonus test level
13D2C77F Sparks' construct in training mode
4516DF45 Enemies cannot hear you
FFFFFFF1 Enemies cannot see you
FF00001A Turbo mode
D5C55D1E Multi player fighting
BB013FFF Low gravity
7867F443 Faster logos
312MF451 Taxi driving


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