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Dead Rising 4

Xbox One Game Review

Dead Rising 4 on Xbox One : Reviewed on Web Wombat Games


Those undead hordes are back and so too is snapper and skull cracker par excellence Frank West. Is Dead Rising 4 on the Xbox One a fitting return for the wisecracking unwitting hero? Steve Polak slices and dices by the dozen in an attempt to find out. Read more ...

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NieR Automata

Latest Trailers

NieR Automata : Previewed on Web Wombat Games


Well we are done for. It is 10,000 years into the future and we have been kicked off the planet by a bunch of sentient alien machines. Where do we hide and eke out an existence? Well for once the idea of a ‘man on the moon’ is not just a figure of speech if you get our drift. Read more ...

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Game Of The Year 2016

News & Articles

Web Wombat Game Of The Year 2016 : News & Reviews on Web Wombat Games


Enjoying your holiday? If you'd like to sample some of the best games to be released in 2016 and don't know where to start Steve Polak breaks it down in detail with the Web Wombat Game Of The Year top ten. Read more ...

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Haunted Hotel - Eclipse

Latest Game Downloads

Game Downloads


The latest batch of top 10 downloads for the week are in! Why not pass the time with some of these fun games, including; Nevertales: The Beauty Within, Dark Manor, Farm Up, My Singing Monsters and heaps more. Read more ....

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One of the pitfalls of Christmas time is the abhorrent music that often accompanies it. Carols are so dusty and depressing, aren’t they? Your time is over, little drummer boy!  Read More


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Bet you didn’t think the gentle garden slug could do you any harm, did you? Well, be prepared to reinvent the way you think about our humble gastropod mollusc friends.  Read More


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One of the great games expos on the planet and this month we were lucky enough to attend the event in Melbourne. Here are seven Aussie games for you to keep an eye out for.  Read More


Farming Simulator 17 Farming Simulator 17 on PC : Review on Web Wombat Games

If you think farming games are a load of crop, our resident hayseed Steve Polak is here to help change your mind, with the aid of the newly released Farming Simulator 17. Does the game germinate into something special? Read More


Disney Magical World 2 Disney Magical World 2 on Nintendo 3DS : Review on Web Wombat Games

Fancy exploring the hundred acre wood, hanging out with the Seven Dwarves, or going surfing with Lilo and Stitch? This great little adventure delivers this and more besides. For the younger 3DS pundits? Read More