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Dragon Age: Inquisition

PC Game Review

Dragon Age: Inquisition Review on PC on Web Wombat Games

‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ is a third person, semi-open world, medieval themed action RPG set in a truly expansive and visually spectacular fantasy world. There are vicious demons, heavily armed Templars, Mages, hungry wildlife and of course DRAGONS! In-game battles are challenging, the A.I. is competent and best of all the graphics are stunning. However the facial animation are a bit weird, so stay away if you’re scared of sock puppets. Read more ....

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The Walking Dead : Season 2

: Latest Trailers

The Walking Dead : Season 2 : Upcoming Game on Web Wombat

Pondering what video game to buy yourself or that special adult game playing someone for Christmas, well, Web Wombat has made a few suggestions of what is hot. Read more ..

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Haunted Hotel - Eclipse : Latest Game Downloads

Game Downloads

The latest batch of top 10 downloads for the week are in! Why not pass the time with some of these fun games, including; Nevertales: The Beauty Within, Dark Manor, Farm Up, My Singing Monsters and heaps more. Read more ....

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