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Yoshi's Woolly World

Ninetendo Game Review

Yoshi's Woolly World on Ninetendo : Reviewed on Web Wombat Games

Yoshi has been around for almost as long as Mario, but he has a lot going for him. In this latest game the lovable lizard tries to capture the attention of the knitting nerds among us with a game that delivers a a world held together by twisted textiles. Woolly World is certainly unusual and it could also be the most appealing achievement on the WiiU to date. Read our review to see if the game 'looms' large on your shopping list (and yes that was a textile themed pun, albeit a bad one). Read more ...

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Fallout 4

Latest Trailers

Fallout 4 Game Preview : Games on Web Wombat

The latest game most apocalyptic series on any console is finally coming to the ‘next generation’ consoles. Fallout 3 was one of the best games of its era and now that a sequel is on its way it is time to get truly excited. Steve Polak pokes his head out from vault 111 and has a look at the lay of the land. Read more ...

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Haunted Hotel - Eclipse

Latest Game Downloads

Game Downloads

The latest batch of top 10 downloads for the week are in! Why not pass the time with some of these fun games, including; Nevertales: The Beauty Within, Dark Manor, Farm Up, My Singing Monsters and heaps more. Read more ....

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