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Final Fantasy VX Has Arrived

By Steve Polak



Heads up Final Fantasy fans. The long awaited Final Fantasy XV is now out and to celebrate this, a launch trailer, featuring plenty of gameplay action, has been released.

Having played the game briefly before release we liked the way it sought to blend real time combat with strategic decision making and magical skills. There were some pretty special looking magical attacks too and the way the game required you to use your team mates in a concerted effort to bring some of those attacks into effect was a neat feature



The narrative follows the perils of Prince Noctis as he ventures to a new realm and tries to protect his father’s legacy. The open world environment looks like being amazing too. As the trailer indicates, and our early play with the game confirms, the world in Final Fantasy XV is the biggest in the franchise to date and it is gorgeous, full of variety and very colourful. There are stunning temples, castles and cities and on the other side of the coin amazing looking remote wilderness areas. The artists have been given some serious scope in developing the game and the result is some impressive places to visit as you peruse the story.



A blend of the modern and the magical the game will also feature some really cool looking cars, with driving being a feature of play too. The cars are faster and sexier than a chocobo, the more traditional form of transport for the series. The goofy birds are still in the game too for the traditionalists. The developers have focused on creating a 'road trip' experience as your party of friends travels from troubled spot to troubled spot. In this sense it looks like the game is as close to GTA as any Final Fantasy adventure has been and it is certainly a point of difference for lovers of the series.




Check out the launch video below. We think it is just the ticket for those who want to get excited about the first full scale Final Fantasy release in years.




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