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NieR Automata

Preview By Steve Polak

Available 10th March





Square Enix have just released a new playable demo and a frsh trailer for their upcoming post apocalyptic RPG. The game is called NieR Automata and we reckon it is pretty interesting.

The game is set almost 10,000 years into the future and mankind has been forced to abandon Earth. We have been driven from our home by massive alien life forms that are predominantly mechanical in nature. These “machine life forms” can only be battled by android soldiers that are being developed on a based hidden on the Moon.



This base is the last hope and last refuge for all humanity and the situation is grim. In an attempt to stop the invaders a new type of super android called YoRHa No 2 Type B has been developed to take on the marauding machines. Apart from having a truly prolix title YoRHa has a sword for close range battle and some amazing ranged weapons using a pod based battle system.

NieR Automata is a sequel to the Japanese cult classic NieR, which bizarrely blended RPG play with scrolling 2D shooter play.



The new game will also feature in depth RPG elements, but there should be a surprise for fans of the genre too, as new developers Platinum Games have promised to deliver a ‘fast paced’ action element to keep the new game in line with the style of the original. What this will specifically involve is hard to say, but the idea is an interesting one.

The world in NieR Automata is bleak, dark and intriguing. If you are curious have a look below.



The game should be released on the 10th of March and a demo is currently available from the PlayStation store.



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