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Styx: Shards Of Darkness

Available: First Quarter 2017

Previewed By Steve Polak



The gravel voiced cynical Styx is a two hundred year old goblin with a penchant for sneakiness. He is also charged with a mission which is to infiltrate a massive Human and Elven empire and use his stealth skills to overcome huge obstacles.

There is a forbidden sceptre Styx must grab and plenty of double crossing along the way too.



Shards Of Darkness looks like being a lot of fun when it is released in the first quarter of 2017, as the game seeks to blend RPG elements with fantasy themes and stealth play.

We like the trailers we have seen so far (see below) and the original game, Master Of Shadows, was a bit of a cult hit, so this sequel could be worth a look.



There will be some new stealth mechanics too. In the game you will engage in sneaky tricks like landing on carpet to deaden the noise of your arrival. Also, being a less than polite Goblin marauder you can cause real havoc by throwing up in various water sources, poisoning guards and eliminating them with a minimum of noise.

The game will for the first time feature a crafting component. Styx will be able to fashion many useful items. Being able to make your own weapons in the game is just one of the new features on offer.



You will also be wise to engage in threat minimisation strategies like disabling bells and alarm systems and setting booby traps too.

Thief fans may also like the way Shards of Darkness also lets you take out candles, by in this case flinging sand at them.

Styx will have magical abilities including a special vision mode that helps him to spot enemies hidden behind objects. None of this is that revolutionary to stealth game fans, but the fantasy RPG milieu should make the game even more interesting.



The sequel will also be powered by the Unreal 4 engine, as opposed to the Unreal 3 engine that kept things moving in the original game.

Check out our Shards Of Darkness video below and keep an eye out for the game which is expected to arrive for PS4, Xbox One and PC early in 2017.

We have posted the original trailer below.



And then added to new longer gameplay video for those who are keen to explore the new gameplay mechanics in more detail. Enjoy!





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