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Disney Magical World 2

Reviewed By Steve Polak







We were quite charmed by the original Disney romp in this series. It managed to blend a number of simple yet enjoyable play modes with a town building mechanic that saw you take on and grow your own café, as you helped out your Disney pals with their troubles. The game blended the key ideas behind the Animal Crossing series with a Disney centred plot and narrative and it worked well, even if there could have been a little more in the way of compelling content.

This time around the setting is more ambitious, as you visit a much larger Disney themed world called Castleton and have to help the locals with a variety of quests, while exploring areas that replicate locations from Disney themed movies. This way you get a virtual tour of a number of great movie locations and get to reengage with some well known stories.



Disney Magical World 2 is a game that knows how to play to its strengths. Naturally the game is bursting at the seams with colour and charm. The Disney characters you meet with are very well rendered and the game is perfect for younger Disney loving fans.

As you explore Disney Magical World 2 there is a lot to take on board and the game gives you access to many tutorials that help guide you through the many tasks you are required to master.



This felt a little too much like rigid hand holding to me, but bearing in mind the intended audience it probably makes sense that Disney Magical World 2 features a lot of instruction.

Once you get past this aspect of the game design there is plenty of fun to be had though. Your main aim in the game is to collect ‘stickers’ which are like badges of achievement and there are tons you’ll need to get your hands on.



There is plenty to do too. You’ll be battling ghosts (the main enemies in the game), catching fish, playing musical minigames and you can also change your clothes, setup and decorate your house and there are many ‘fetch’ quests on offer.

As you earn more stickers you’ll get access to new missions too, so there is a real ‘carrot and stick’ dynamic on offer here.



None of the challenges are actually that hard and some, like the incessant ghost battles, can get a little tedious over time. You can also visit Scrooge McDuck and buy items, having earned rewards by helping other characters. It is really easy to amass a decent wad, so you will be able to afford pretty much everything on offer in the game before long.

When this happens some tasks, like the fishing minigame which raises cash may seem redundant, although you still might enjoy it for the sake of it.



The game is at times onerously heavy with dialogue. This will either further endear you to the game as you become immersed in the world, or you might find it a bit annoying. To me it was a little too text heavy an approach.

There are some great moments in the game and my daughter loved spending time in the Frozen themed world.



Like Animal Crossing the real draw with this game is exploring the world, meeting the locals and customising the game with extra assets. The narrative is a bit lightweight once you pare back the often irrelevant dialogue.

In a similar fashion to the previous game in the series you still have to run your café and it is that space that acts as the core hub for you in terms of setting up a home base.



Disney Magical World 2 would have benefited from a slightly more logical interface when it comes to managing tasks and items. You’ll have to jump about a bit as you navigate the menus and because there is so much to do it is possible to lose track of what you are meant to be doing.




That said you can usually pick up on task you were in the middle of after you gain your bearings.

Disney Magical Adventures 2 isn’t the best looking game on the 3DS, but it does have bucket loads of charm, a huge smorgasbord of variety when it comes to the challenges you face and it is a perfect game for younger players who love the pantheon of characters featured.


Game: Disney Magical World 2

System: Nintendo 3DS

Developer: Namco Bandai

Publisher: Nintendo



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