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Isabella Rossellini's Manifesto


After performances in mainstream movies such as Death Becomes Her and Tough Guys Don't Dance (circa 1987!), one would expect Isabella Rossellini to be simply enjoying the fruits of her 25 year film career.

If it was me, I'd be lying in my own private orchard, with fresh fruit juice in one hand and a good book in the other, warming to the outdoors, the sun and the sound of birds conversing.

Well, she's not doing this exactly, but is instead pushing the news of her cosmetics line out to the populace.

How she came up with such an original, yet weather-worn name for her new cosmetics brand is anyone's guess - are you ready for this: Isabella Rossellini's Manifesto. The name alone speaks of dignity, beauty and passion and Rossellini is well known for all of these character traits.

But what of the products? Well, we haven't actually had the chance to try out the line of make-up and frangrances, but we do have a list for you below.

Lips, nails, eyes and face are all covered by the Manifesto (I love that word!). These include brow and lash gel, waterproof mascara, liquid foundation, concealer, nail enamel, lip gloss, eye/lip/cheek balm, a whole range of lipsticks, many applicators (such as eyeliner brush, etc.) and even clever little accessories like lipstick rings.

On top of this, there's an extensive range of frangrances for even the most discerning lady - just perfect for that special night out.

There's even more products in the range that we can't mention because of word limit, suffice to say that Rossellini has really got her life sorted.

From the big screen to the miniature mirror, Rossellini has now accomplished many a diverse task, showing that to own a cosmetics company doesn't mean you have to be under 30 - she's alsmost 50! The new range in Isabella Rossellini's Manifesto looks rather impressive and should prove to be very popular in both acting and modelling circles.

Born on June 18, 1952, Isabella was conceived at the same time as twin-sister Issota. Her mother was also an actor, Ingrid Bergman, who married director Roberto Rossellini. If Isabella manages to stay as serene as she is at 48 by using Manifesto, then where do I sign up?

Isabella Rossellini's Manifesto page

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