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BBQ Bacon & Beef Meat Loaf

Who says you can't cook a meatloaf on a barbecue. Here's our classic Bacon & Beef Meatloaf, that, when cooked, can be cut into slices and served with a tossed salad. Serves 4-6.

Ingredients for Dressing:

1kg Minced Steak (Finely Ground
1 Onion (Grated)
4 Bacon Rashers (Finely Chopped)
½ Cup Dry Breadcrumbs
2 Eggs
125ml Tinned Condensed Tomato Soup

1 Teaspoon Basil
1½ Teaspoons Salt
Freshly Ground Pepper
2 Tablespoons Tomato Sauce
2 Teaspoons Worcestershire Sauce


  1. Mix together all the ingredients except the tomato and Worcestershire sauce.
  2. Shape firmly into long loaf and place on grease aluminium foil, wrapping it around the sides of the loaf but not covering it at the top..
  3. Cook loaf over barbecue, turning it over several times.
  4. When cooked remove aluminium foil and crisp on the outside while basting it with the tomato and Worcestershire sauce.

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