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EnvironmentLED Lights: Pros & Cons

Modern electronics has given us power saving LED lights. With carbon taxes being adopted world wide, reducing consumption of electricity is set to become a major driver in the adoption of the new technology.

LED Lights: Pros & Cons

August Events

General - Keeping You Busy In August

We have heaps of ideas here on how to spend the last month of Winter for 2012. Sydney has the International Boat Show, Melbourne has the Home Show and there are plenty of Festivals to keep you busy.

GeneralEvents in Australia : May

What does Australia have to offer throughout the month of May? Festivals to suit just about everybody are whats in store throughout the month of May.

Australian Events in May

best theme park rides

General Best Theme Park Rides

From thrilling rollercoasters, to insane 3D environments, to gut wrenching speed thrills, the options are endless. So, to help you out, we've decided to countdown some of the best!

GeneralAnzac Day - April 25

ANZAC Day is a chance to reflect on friends and brothers in arms, who are no longer with us. For others its a chance to show their respect to the brave men that fought on behalf of our great country.

Anzac Day April 25

Events in Australia - April

General Things to do in Australia - April

Take a look at some of our tips and ideas on events happening throughout Australia in April. It's Easter time and a heap of ideas are here for your perusal.

GeneralEvents in Australia : March

What does Australia have to offer throughout the month of March? The AFL Season kicks off in Sydney, the Formula One GP in Melbourne, plus loads more including the Brisbane Comedy Fest.

Australian Events in March

Events in Australia - February

General Things to do in Australia - February

Take a look at some of our tips and ideas on events happening throughout Australia in February. Check out the annual Dragon Boat races in sydney, Tropfest in Melbourne or indulge in some Italian culture at Carnevale in Adelaide. Heaps more ideas here.

GeneralWhat is Australia Day?

What is Australia Day? Australia Day is the official National day of Australia. The 26th of January is celebrated annually to commemorate the arrival of the first fleet at Sydney Cove 1788.

Events in December

Melbourne's Bars and Pubs 2012

Book Review - Melbourne's Bars and Pubs 2012

Melbourne's Bars and Pubs 2012 is not only a guide to hidden laneways and secret pubs but also to a host of popular night spots scattered throughout the beautiful city of Melbourne. A city known for her late night spots and continual surprises - a concoction of Rooftop Bars and dimly lit basement drinking holes.

SportsThings To Do Across Australia in December

Check out some of Web Wombats choices for activities throughout Australia in December. Spend New Years eve under the Sydney Harbour Bridge, watch the boxing day test at the G or check out heaps more.

Events in December

zoo twilights

General - Zoo Twilights

The sun is shining and refusing to go to bed, which means it's the perfect time to sit in the eery twilight of the world and enjoy the sights and sounds of Melbourne Zoo.

Sports - September In Melbourne...

A concoction of events are centre stage throughout September in Melbourne, culminating in the creme dela creme of sporting events, the AFL Finals.


phil campbell

General - What's In A Name : Are You Phil Campbell?

The story of Phil Campbell, the town, goes back to the 1880s when a railroad being built through Alabama passed by an un-named little settlement that was struggling to get on its feet to service a growing farming community.


Everyone has a comment or two to make about becoming a dad. Ryan pulled me aside for a quiet word: "Man when you have a family everything changes. My wife and I grew closer because of our kids. Being a dad is the most serious job I have ever done". Is it?


Easter Holidays

General Easter Holidays

Easter, a religious time for many and a time to relax, spend time with family and friends. It is also the last "big break" in the working year.

GeneralGarden Design

Designing a garden does not have to be an involved or complex thing. As landscape architect and horticulturalist Jai Cheswick explains, overly complex garden designs often don't work. And don't worry about plant selection either!

garden designs

RelationshipsOnline Dating

Have you ever met someone online for a date? More and more people are using the Internet to set up meetings and start new relationships via dating websites, and as Claire Bertolus discovered cyberspace can be an amazing place for singles.

General : Moving Out Of Home

You’ve finished school, or have got yourself set up in your first decent job and, all of a sudden, you feel the need to be more independent and move out of your parent’s home.

leaving home

indoor rock climbing

General : Indoor Rock Climbing

You count through the steps for rope belaying - trying to make sure there is enough rope for them to use - but also making sure if they fall they won't drop far.

General : The History of Famous Sayings - Part 2

We've learned where the "Piss Pot" came from, we've discovered why we "throw the baby out with the bath water" - but that is simply the tip of the iceberg...

famous sayings

famous sayings

General : The History of Famous Sayings - Part 1

Talk, talk, talk - it's all we ever do, but where do the words and phrases we say every day come from? Why do those familiar sayings exist?

Parenting - Step Parenting - A Foreign Word

"Where is the manual that gives the quick fixes and answers to a parents myriad problems?" asks Susan M. Thompson. Sadly, there isn't one... But as she writes in this parenting article, the rewards for persevering can be tremendously fulfilling.

tom gleisner

Exclusive Interview: Tom Gleisner - Audrey Gordon's Tuscan Summer

From Frontline to The Late Show, Thank God You're Here to The Castle Tom Gleisner is a man that clearly knows the difference between the funny and unfunny.

General: Worm Farms & Compost Bins

With the world becoming more focused on sustainability and thinking 'green', what better way to take responsibility for your waste than to start a worm farm / compost bin. It's even a great way to get your kids involved.

Worm Farms & Compost Bins

Melbourne Cup - How to pick a winner

General - Melbourne Cup - How to pick a winner

On the first Tuesday in November the Nation stops for two minutes for a horse race. This year it's the 150th Anniversary of the Melbourne Cup and people will be dusting off the bones, sharpening the darts, checking the chickens entrails and many other methods used to pick a winner.

Exclusive Interview: Shaun Micallef - Preincarnate

Web Wombat caught up with Shaun Micaellf, without doubt, one of the most unique comedic voices in Australia. His sense of the surrealism is unparrellelled, inspired by the classics in the form of The Goons and Monty Python.

shaun micallef

The paintings of Dai Wynn

GeneralBrushing with memories. The paintings of Dai Wynn

Dai Wynn, an Australian artist, paints from recollections of his own travels. But he also allows his buyers to re-live their own memories. Bright is a word that does characterise Dai's works.

GeneralTips For Men Buying Lingerie

Woman generally buy their own lingerie for all sorts of reasons from looking good to feeling sexy and confident. More and more men though are taking the plunge and buying the woman in their life something more adventurous. Tips for buying here.

Tips For Men Buying Lingerie

Melbourne Bike Share

GeneralMelbourne Bike Share

The latest scheme to hit Melbourne is called Bike Share and is based on the Montreal BIXI system. There are currently 39 Bike Share stations that house around 600 of these shiny new 33kg blue bikes.>

GeneralOnline Shopping: Are You Safe?

In spite of this increasing popularity there is one fear that has kept many wary of online shopping.  This fear is credit card fraud.  How do you know that when you enter your credit card details online you're personal information and card details are not going to fall into the wrong hands? Find out more here.

snowboarding costs

Sport - Snowboarding Costs

Every year the cost of riding rises. Inflation alone ensures prices go up slightly but beyond that we also see price increases to cover expanding costs of running a resort. A days riding can amount to quite a sum, especially if you need to hire gear or find accommodation.

Arts - Tim Burton - The Exhibition

Tim Burton (the cult Artist and film maker behind such classics as Batman, Beetlejuice and Sleepy Hollow) delighted crowds with a rare appearance at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) in Melbourne to officially open "Tim Burton: The Exhibition".

tim burton acmi


GeneralReg Bartley's Olde World - Raising Children in the Modern World

World famous self-helped author Reginal J. Bartley talks about the world's struggle to be the perfect parent, and takes on the tasks of understanding how we can raise children in the modern world.

Arts - Tim Burton - Art At ACMI

Tim Burton is the second Melbourne Winter Masterpiece exhibition at ACMI after Pixar : 20 years of Animation, which broke international attendance records in 2007.

tim burton acmi

GeneralApollo Steam Shower

It's looks like some sort of zero gravity space capsule, but this is in fact a steam shower - one of the best money can buy. It's bathroom decadence to the 'Nth' degree, and comes packed with a steam generator, foot massager and an array of body massage jets.

General - Twitter : Prepare to Launch the Twitter Nuke

James Richardson "Twitter Nuked" his followers (Deleted all the users he was following - ALL of them) and received mixed reactions. Some applauded, some called him "selfish and ridiculous", others asked "Why are we following this guy?".


Landscaping as a Career

Careers - Landscaping as a Career

Technically, the word landscaping means any activity that modifies the visible features of a land, that is, flora, fauna, structures, man-made structures, lighting, etc. and required skills and experience across a broad field.

PhotographySpencer Tunick - Mardi Gras : The Base - Sydney Opera House

Internationally renowned artist Spencer Tunick returned to Australia, this time to bring his unique form of art to the Sydney Opera House as part of Sydney's 2010 Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras.

Spencer Tunick

Tropics in the 'Burbs - Organic Gardening

Gardening - Tropics in the 'Burbs - Organic Gardening

Just a few kilometres from the busy Camberwell Junction, you'll see dense jungle-like foliage, colourful bougainvilleas, flowering tobacco, elephants ears, succulents, spiky canna lilies and meandering paths. And a kitchen garden with avocadoes, water chestnuts, aromatic herbs, figs, grapes and stone fruits.

The Arts - Chantale Delrue

Chantale Delrue is a busy artist with a Flemish heritage and an artistic career that has taken her from Belgium to Japan, Mexico, California and Australia. For the last three decades she has been living in Tasmania, initially in Launceston, but now in Hobart.

Chantale Delrue

Valentine's Day

Event - Valentine's Day

On the 14th February we arrive at that day dedicated to lovers the world over. Once a religious day it has become more of bonanza for the marketing fraternity. This is one day (next to anniveraries and birthdays) that is verboten to forget. Flowers or chocolates may just do the trick, or maybe dinner or a movie. But watever it is, just make it personal.

Literature - Tony Martin - A Nest Of Occasionals

Web Wombat's Sean Lynch caught up with cult comedy hero, Tony Martin (from Radio's Get This! and TV's The Late Show) for this exclusive interview as he embarks on the release of his second book - a unique collection of tales called A Nest Of Occasionals.

Tony Martin - Interview

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