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Health - Vipassana Meditation

Vipassana meditation originates from Buddhist teachings, and is said to eliminate the three causes of unhappiness: craving, ignorance, and aversion.


Health - Learning to Overcome Uncontrolable Anxiety

The first thing you need to do is to seek the services of a professional and/or counselor who can teach you how to manage your fears and give you the help that you need.

Health - Exercise Myths

Exercise can be a hit or myth affair. You can either try it and love it or be put off from even giving it a go by the myths perpetrated largely by the couch potatoes of this world.



HealthExcercise The Heart

It's not just heart muscle and tissue that degenerates in humans - the arteries that serve the heart are also at risk, which in turn, puts the major organ in the firing line.

Health - Confronting Depression

Some people have a difficult time in confronting their depression. Sometimes, their depression and fears can get best of them. Here is a short list of techniques that a person can use to help confront their depression.



Health - Pre Menstrual Tension

As many as 8 out of 10 women have the physical and emotional symptoms of PMT. The remedies that suppress the symptoms of all these crazy hormones creating havoc throughout your body are many and varied.

Health - Fad Diets

Liquid Diets have been around for a while now. These drinks are now containing most of the nutrients a healthy body needs but in a 'milkshake' form. These are ideal if you don't like chewing food and that is about all.

fad diets

quit smoking

HealthQuit Smoking

You can't freely smoke in people's houses, in their cars; you haven't been able to toke away in good restaurants and cafes for years and the time when your local pub stash the ashtrays is over forever.

Health - Simple Cardio Exercises

Exercise comes in many forms - it doesn't necessarily have to involve gyms or aerobic dancing classes. Brisk walking, stair-climbing, gardening and even heavy housework all qualify.



Health - Burning Off Kilojoules

About three-quarters of the energy you burn every day comes from what your body uses for its basic needs, such as sleeping, breathing, digesting food and reclining.

Health - Medicines and Driving

The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia warns that legally prescribed drugs for everyday ailments such as migraines, colds and high-blood pressure can cause problems for drivers.

medicines and driving

Health - Childhood Immunisation

In today's modern world there are still many people who oppose vaccinations for children, fearing the side effects that can strike a small percentage of young ones, but as James Anthony reports, health authorities and governments are heavily in favour.

Health - Tone Your Body For Summer

The days are getting longer, the climate's warming and now is the perfect time to tone up your body for the fantastic summer months: Tips for her and him inside.


Health - Cannabis Users Not So Mellow

As Sara Templeton writes, "The common perception that marijuana or cannabis users are chilled out cats... has been debunked." With the potency of modern day 'hydro' cannabis increasing, more and more users are experiencing aggressive outbursts.

Health - Vegetarianism : Get Back to Your Roots

Turning to vegetarianism can come about from a dislike of eating red meat, or even the sensation of eating any type of flesh. Others just plainly don't like the taste of meat.


Bed WettingDental Health & Hygiene

HealthDental Health & Hygiene - How to Brush your Teeth

Recent studies have shown that up until 1996 the dental health of Australian kids' teeth was improving, but since then tooth decay has been on the rise.

Health - Menopause

Menopause is a normal and natural event that takes place in every woman's life when her ovaries cease to function and her fertile years conclude.


Bed Wetting

HealthHow To Stop Bed Wetting

In Australia almost a fifth of children wet their beds at age 5, about 5% at age 10, 2-3% at age 14 and 1-2% as teenagers. In the United States, figures show that between five and seven million youngsters wet their beds.

Health - Yoga

Depending on who you ask, Yoga is either a healthy and cost effective way to purify the mind, body and spirit, or a useless stretching regime for hippies. But as Claire Bertolus explains, ever since the celebrity world embraced the practice everyone wants in. The ancient Hindi practice is relatively easy to start, requires no equipment and any age group can do it.

HealthSports Injuries

Sport is an integral part of Australian culture, and let's face it, we punch well above our weight in many disciplines, from motorsport to cylcing, soccer, swimming and of course cricket. But playing sport is not without risk.

Health - Chlamydia

One of the first world's most prevalent sexually transmitted diseases (STD) is chlamydia, which infects millions of people across the planet, the majority of which are aged under 30. The disease is a nasty bacteria that's prevented by practising safe sex, and can be countered with antibiotics among other things.

Health - Snake Bites

There are thousands of cases of snakes biting people in Australia each year, and as most people know Aussie snakes are the most deadly of them all. We look at ways to avoid snake bites and advice on how to deal with victims of the potentially deadly reptiles.

HealthIridology - The Eyes Say It All

Looking into a persons eyes, can give you an idea of how healthy and what type of mood they may be in. Iridology offers an alternative idea on how to improve your health.


Health - Migraines

In Australia the Centre for Applied Economic Research at the University of New South Wales put the cost of migraines at between $302 million and $721 million a year. This is apportioned to loss of productivity and medical costs.

Health - Acne

Almost everybody has experienced acne at some stage in their lives and some people get it more than others. In this article we bust a few myths concerning acne, and look at various ways to combat everything from mild to severe outbreaks.

Health - Excessive Alcohol Consumption

Have you ever overdone it with alcohol? The result of excessive alcohol consumption can really make itself felt the next day, when the 'hangover' takes effect. We look at the causes of the headaches and hangovers and some interesting ways in which to limit their effects.

Health - Acupuncture: Pins and Needles

From Kate Moss, to Gwyneth Paltrow and even Oprah, it seems that celebrities are wanting to be stuck with needles these days. No, not the hypodermic kind. All of the stars mentioned above are, in fact, well known acupuncture patients.



In a Reiki session, the practitioner asks the recipient to lie down and relax. The practitioner then purports to act as a channel for energy, theoretically allowing "Reiki energy" to be channelled through the practitioner to wherever the patient is believed by them to require it. It could be joint soreness, lung problems or a range of other ailments. Alison Madison explores the popular alternative therapy.


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