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summer romance

Relationships - Summer Romance

Your standard blokey bloke has always been after one thing and one thing alone, of course. Not like the women, who have always been after something a little more spiritual and meaningful. Yeah, right!

Relationships - Seniors Dating

If you seek love, forget about how to make him fall in love with you. Forget about Mars and Venus, in the real world we are all human beings first, men and women second. Most singles over 50 want to love and belong. Wear what makes you feel like a million dollar babe, not what you think impresses him.

seniors dating

keep the flame alive

Relationships - Flirting In A Long Term Relationship

While romance is exciting, it is eroded over time by the increasing intrusion of real life and the need to work, pay the bills, and even the fact that your lover begins to lose that mystique as you really get to know them up close and personal.

Valentines Day Valentine's Day Cards

Esther Howland died in 1904 at a venerable 76 years of age, and despite  having brought love and joy into the world of millions of women as “the mother of the modern Valentine’s Day Card,” she never married and went to her grave a millionairess spinster.

valentines day cards

Midlife Crisis

Relationships Coping With Your Husbands Midlife Crisis

There is a big difference between women going through menopause and men going through midlife crisis: women are more prepared. Men don’t understand what they are going through and why they feel the way they do.

Relationships The Joy Of Being Dumped

Kleenex boxes, sleepless nights and endless conversations with your close friends... You are convinced that the world is coming to an end. You've been dumped!

dating after 40

Power Struggles

Relationships - Overcoming Power Struggles

Be they romantic, family or work-related, relationships are subject to power struggles. We struggle to dominate the relationship wanting to impose our views and beliefs on others. Resident Relationships advisor, Allie Ochs, explains what we can all do to survive!

Relationships The Perfect Mother?

There are many different types of mothers: young and old mothers, single or married mothers, mothers-in-law and stepmothers, ill or deceased mothers, close-by or far-away mothers, funny or serious mothers.

The Perfect Mother?

First Date

50 First Dates: Good manners and Awkward Moments

You've been asked out...or done the asking out. Either way you're going on that
date. The first date. The grand opening of what could blossom into a relationship without par, a soul mate to change your life forever! But there are many pot holes and pit falls when it comes to dating, and Claire Bertolus looks at a number etiquette tips that will hopefully reduce the stress levels of the dreaded first date.

Perfectionism: The Dangerous Trap

There is quite a difference between aiming for a successful life or relationship and trying to achieve perfection, as Allie Ochs explains. Contrary to popular belief, perfection is not required to succeed in love and life. In fact, the perfectionism-trap has serious negative consequences.
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Agony Aunt: Swingers

Wayne and Tamara have been answering your questions for many years at Web Wombat, but this new column is easily one of the most polarising of any of the letters they've responded to. It addresses the issue of swinging, or sharing sexual partners. For some, this can add spice to intimacy in relationships that were once stale, by bringing more people in your sex lives with your partner. But it can also be a relationship destroyer, often the catalyst for extreme jealousy and the cause of any number of negative feelings.
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Step Parenting: A Job For Two

Step parenting ultimately means being a step away from being a parent. Even if you have no intention of parenting, at the very least you are expected to step in when the real parent is absent. Like it or not, in a blended family you will do some parenting.

The Joy of Being Dumped

We've all experienced heartbreak at some stage in our lives, from your childhood crush on the cute young blonde in primary school, to your first true love just out of high school. But how do we cope with these problems when at times it feels like no one can help?

Do Sex and Love Mix?

For the majority of women having sex is not equal to making love. The prevailing attitude in our society is: let there be sex at the end of the tunnel, I don’t care about the light! Yet, for most women, there is a profound difference between just having sex and making love. Allie Ochs explains.
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