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Sofia Mechetner

Model & Fashion Profile

Sofia Mechetner : Fashion Model Profile on Web Wombat

Everyone loves a good Cinderella story and Sofia Mechetner's rags to riches tale is right up there with the classics. Being only 14, but quite remarkable nonetheless, this Israeli born model has enjoyed a meteoric rise to prominence. Read more ....

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Sagittarius Horoscopes - The Stars On Web Wombat

A Sagittarian's profile is one of optimism, honesty & they can be philosophical but they also have the potential for carelessness & irresponsibility. A Sagittarian in an incurable optimist and always sees the sunny side of life. Their honest is their fault because that tend to say things as they see it with being sensitive to other people feelings. A Sagittarian is also known as The Archer and is influenced by Jupiter & Mercury and the Dragon's Tail & Dragon's Head. Read more ....

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Out Of The Bottle 316

Wines of the Week

Margan Wines' Aged Release Shiraz 2011 & Logan Wines Vintage ‘M’ Cuvee 2012 Wines Reviewed : Wine on Web Wombat Lifestyles

Our Wine Connoisseur samples a beautiful dark purple coloured Margan Wines' Aged Release Shiraz 2011 and a Logan Wines Vintage ‘M’ Cuvee 2012, a premium sparkling wine. Read more ....

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Boiled Pineapple Fruit Cake

Food & Recipes

Boiled Pineapple Fruit Cake Recipe : Food & Recipes on Web Wombat Lifestyles

Traditional, old style fruit cake. basic ingredients, easy to prepare and moist and delicious to eat. Enjoy a slice with you next cup of coffee or tea with your get together with friends. Read more ....

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Buying A Go-Kart

General Interest

Buying A Go-Kart : General Interest on Web Wombat Lifestyles

Karting is a very popular sport in Australia and at some stage enthusiasts want to make the move from hiring karts to owning them. We present some of the facts to help you with your decision making. Read more ....

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Who’d have thought a post apocalyptic nuclear war ravaged world would be so much fun? Fallout 4 is here and the game looks like nuking the opposition in the RPG stakes leading up to Christmas this year. Read More ...


Wine of the Week Rob Geddes’ Australian Wine Vintages 2016 Reviewed & Shaw Vineyard Estate Reserve Merriman Merlot 2013 Wine Reviewed

This week our Wine Reviewer flicks through and comments on the 33rd Edition of Rob Geddes’ Australian Wine Vintages 2016 Reviewed and samples a Shaw Vineyard Estate Reserve Merriman Merlot. Read More ...


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An assorted collection of a few interesting, funny and unique podcasts you should get your ears around. Not just music! Read More ...


Songs To Get Dumped To Songs To Get Dumped To : Music on Web Wombat Entertainment

Feeling the burn? You’re going to need something to listen to as you wander beside the ocean morosely, or devour 12-13 donuts without stopping, so here’s a little list to get you through the nasty break. Read More ...


Les Girls Les Girls : DVD / Netflix on Web Wombat Entertainment

Not your typical musical but with a few songs, sure, that are included are almost all “in show”. They are in the theatre, after all. It is a film that has the glitz of a musical, but the pacing of a comedy. Read More ...