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Clara Alonso

By Ines Mendoza

If there's one certainty in Fashion it's this : age affects everyone. Whether you're the biggest model in the world, eventually, age will see you thrown onto the pile of has-beens and never-weres.

It's a terrifying fate that faces each and every sexy gal who steps onto that cat walk. However, every so often we come across a model that, at least we think, will have a career well past that of just her looks.

Clara Alonso

Clara Alonso

Spanish sexpot, Clara Alonso was born on 21 September in 1987 (coincidentally the same year the last Supernova was observed with the naked eye since 1604, coincidence?) and grew to a surprisingly tiny 5" 9' (or is that talk, I can never remember, I'm 8"4' so it's hard to keep objective).

Unlike the fairytale story of most models, Clara Alonso didn't take the normal leap into modelling at a young age. In fact, Alonso wasn't even considered a regular on the Spanish Fashion runways until she finished totally finished her school studies.

Yes, brains AND beauty!

However, life may not have been like that. You see, it was something of a sheet coincidence that, upon completing her studies, Clara crossed paths with the world famous casting director John Pfeiffer. It was this chance meeting that led to a slew of gigs for the young Spanish lass.

So time went by. Seasons changed. Day turned into night, and night into day again. Clara Alonso developed from a young girl into a young woman. Perhaps there was a string of love affairs, perhaps a guy tried to build her a house, perhaps some of this was lifted from the movie The Notebook. All we know is, she evolved!

Clara Alonso

Clara Alonso

By 2008, she was kicking her heals up in Florence Italy thanks to Diane von Furstenberg (no, she's not a character from Young Frankenstein) who hired Clara for her Cruise collection, a job that went so well for her that she was recalled just a few months later for the New York spring to summer fashion shows.

It was here in the city that never sleeps, New York City, that Alonso was granted once of her greatest opportunities: to work for Custo Barcelona.

This exploded Alonso's career, meaning that at just 21, Clara Alonso had become Spain's newest model to be featured in the Victoria's Secret fashion show. "Who cares?" I hear you tweet, "Don't all attractive girls end up doing that?". NO is my answer. Alonso being a Victorian Secret model was a a historic as there had, to that point, only ever bee two Spaniards that had even participated in the Victoria Secret fashion show (Esther Cañadas in '97 and Eugenia Silva in'98-99).

More recently, Alonso has walked those long runways for the likes of Bottega Veneta, Luisa Beccaria, Brian Reyes, Nanette Lepore, Oscar de la Renta, Tory Burch, Cynthia Steffe, Luca Luca, Lela Rose and Prabal Gurung.

She also won a L' Oreal award for best model and has now become the face for Agua Fresca de Rosas (a fragrance by Adolfo Domínguez) and Armani Exchange.

For those looking to hook in, I'm afraid she's taken, at last reports being in a relationship with David Feito (member of the Spanish rock band El Sueño de Morfeo). That'll work, a model and a rock star, those things always last forever!

Clara Alonso, not to be mistaken for Alonso Mourning
Photo Source: Unknown


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