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Aries (The Ram)

March 21 - April 20

An Aries profile is one of energy, enthusiasm & confidence, but they may also be quick to anger, impatient & impulsive. Arians are known for their leadership qualities and their courage and will stand up for what they believe is important. Their impulsiveness, however, can see them getting into their share of tight spots. They also have a tendency to leave things unfinished. An Aries is also known as The Ram and is influenced by Mars, the Sun, Venus & Saturn.

Mon Jan 16: Frisky Rams

Even though you may experience the normal, everyday ups and downs today, a shift in focus comes today. It points toward your need for love, affection and harmony being stronger than usual. This is a great time to organise family gatherings or entertainment within your home and these activities should prove quite fruitful. Rams who are looking for romance may find it through family-based activities. Fortunate colours are red coral and deep purple. Lucky numbers are 24 and 36.

Tue Jan 17: News Flash

News you receive today or changes relating to your home, family or career could either be exactly what you have been hoping for, or cause confusion and disappointment. Be sure to verify any information before acting on it. A tense situation involving a financial matter or a conflict of values is building and you may need to review your stance. A secret romance may be the source of happiness this evening. Auspicious colours are burgundy and bronze. Lucky numbers are 10 and 19.

Wed Jan 18: Health Issues

Any opposition you could be facing needs to be handled carefully today, but your health should get a boost. A productive way to use this time would be to reassess what you are doing, because you should change your approach. A breakthrough is indicated regarding the matter in question. Your financial situation looks as though it will have a major spurt of activity, particularly in the evening. Advantageous colours are wine red and gold. Lucky numbers are 27 and 36.

Thu Jan 19: Friends & Dreams

Despite some conflict early on, some unexpected news relating to your career, or relationship with a person you respect, is in the wind. You will have the opportunity to improve your financial situation or self-esteem with the emphasis on money. As the Sun enters Aquarius, your friends and the attainment of your dreams are highlighted. It's generally a good news day and you should be in a happier frame of mind than you've been for some time. Fortunate colours are amethyst and mink brown. Lucky numbers are 31 and 38.

Fri Jan 20: Requires Action

Today looks excellent for your children, other loved ones or a creative project you are involved in. People may seem to be difficult to pin down, especially regarding a decision that needs to be made. Some news requires action from you. Your own actions and attitude towards people really does affect the quality of your relationships. Beneficial colours are red and violet. Lucky numbers are 28 and 37.

Sat Jan 21: Lucky Day

The situation is likely to settle down or progress today, because, your life is moving in the right direction! A good thing too. The celestial forces are working well for you all day, and the evening points to love, affection and happiness. Get out and socialise. Enjoy the positive aspects. Today is a lucky day for you. Advantageous colours are purple and gold. Lucky numbers are 27 and 36.

Sun Jan 22: Action Stations

You're feeling a bit jumpy these days and there are people who may take advantage of this. Escape feels like the best option, but with the Moon entering Sagittarius and Venus and Mars abutting Chiron, action stations will pay dividends. Those who scoot and then return must stand at the back with the other newcomers. Use your brain rather than your fists when solving problems today. You can outwit the best of them if you can find a way to control your temper. Fortunate colors are chocolate brown and royal purple. Lucky numbers are 11 and 29.

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