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Cancer (The Crab)

June 22 - July 23

A Cancer profile of someone born under Cancer is one of love, protectiveness and intuitiveness, but they may be prone to be over emotional and clingy. Crabs have a tendency to be terribly loyal to the point sometimes of being overly protective. They have a strong attachment to family and home in which they seek security. A Cancerian is also known as The Crab and is influenced by the Moon, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars.

Wed Jan 18: Wrong Side of the Bed?

Any side of the bed feels like the wrong side this morning, so you might as well stay where you are. The other option (and perhaps the more reasonable) is to leave the house in full battle gear. Clearly it would be easier to have a day of rest, but if that isn't possible, you must find a way to persevere. If you're in a position of authority at work, delegate as many of your tasks as possible. Fortunate colours are peach and rose. Lucky numbers are 31 and 44.

Thu Jan 19: Stay True

Tell others what they want to hear, but not to the point of telling an outright lie. Take extra care to be sincere, because sooner or later your stretches of the truth are going to catch up with you, especially in the financial world. As the day progresses, starry-eyed potential and hardheaded reality begin falling into line. It's possible to achieve your goals and stay true to yourself, but you might have to go out of your way to do it. Appropriate colours are tan and orange. Lucky numbers are 13 and 42.

Fri Jan 20: Crab Crawl

Speed is a useless and frustrating force for Crabs at the moment. Slow down before you do something you'll regret. From the beginning, you always knew that there would be a downside to this whole operation. It never hurts to try to look on the bright side: at least any bad news today will make tomorrow's good news sound even better. Auspicious colours are ruby red and jet black. Lucky numbers are 11 and 19.

Sat Jan 21: Reap the Benefits

Do something to surprise yourself or someone else today. You'll feel like being adventurous and trying something different for a change. Don't be afraid to go where no Crab has gone before: even if you don't like the result, other people's expressions of delight will make it all worthwhile. Someone close to you loves that you're unpredictable. Reap the benefits from this change of attitude! Beneficial colours are smooth bronze and clotted cream. Lucky numbers are 30 and 44. 

Sun Jan 22: Big Egos

Why is everyone questioning your motives today? After all, your efforts are no doubt noble and necessary. But where's the gratitude? Pay attention to your style of delivery, and with a few subtle changes, you can make this picture perfect. There is more at work behind the scenes than you think and if big egos are involved, be among the first to drop the attitude. Beneficial colours are charcoal and mint. Lucky numbers are 17 and 27.

Mon Jan 23: Softly Softly

A loud voice doesn't carry as far as a soft one right now. Don't overwhelm people. You don't want to ride roughshod over potential future allies. Your strong suit is most often your subtlety. Of course, a small dose of exuberance is fine, unless it leads to a careless mistake. Whatever you want to accomplish today, it's important to strike some kind of balance. Harmonious colours are lavender and sea green. Lucky numbers are 12 and 30.

Tue Jan 24: Give It Your All

Choose something you're good at, then give it your all. Your favourite game is begging to be played in the professional arena. Others are so impressed that they might not even bother to compete. This is the perfect time to capitalize on your speed and strength. Be careful which fires you start; people are going to expect you to put them out eventually. Advantageous colours are clay red and spring green. Lucky numbers are 9 and 20.

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