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Cancer (The Crab)

June 22 - July 23

A Cancer profile of someone born under Cancer is one of love, protectiveness and intuitiveness, but they may be prone to be over emotional and clingy. Crabs have a tendency to be terribly loyal to the point sometimes of being overly protective. They have a strong attachment to family and home in which they seek security. A Cancerian is also known as The Crab and is influenced by the Moon, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars.

Tue Feb 21: Ties Of Friendship

You might want to share some of your dreams with friends today. You may derive pleasure with just catching up with people and there could be contact with somebody you haven't laid eyes on for years. A note of tiredness or confusion forces you to find time for yourself to rest or retreat as night time approaches. Companionable colours are ripe lemon and muscat grape. Lucky numbers are 6 and 22.

Wed Feb 22: Embark On An Adventure

Your daily routines will be disrupted and you will need to act to solve problems that have arisen in this area quickly. Take care that you are not involved in any work related stress or accidents. Mercury however is preparing you to launch into a communications task, participate in business transaction, or start a journey. Negotiate any problems of differences with a woman colleague. Calming colours are shell blue and sea green. Lucky numbers are 13 and 30.

Thu Feb 23: Mood Will Change

You may spend a part of the day just floating, or tidying up left-overs from yesterday. Later in the day, the mood will move as you are called upon to get things done. Responsibilities arise for you, called on by either work or your position. You may miss out on the rest and recreation that you were planning on, as you need to attend to a demanding situation. Providential colours are snow white and steel grey. Lucky numbers are 28 and 31.

Fri Feb 24: Bind It Together

Work and domestic life clash as the moody Moon crosses into Aquarius. Responsibility may give someone close a lot to contend with today. Your partner appears to be getting nowhere or pursuing a different path than you are. Try and keep it all together for the moment. It's key for Crabs to make a break from old ways of doing things this year and attempt to look for new solutions for old problems. Beneficial colours are orange peel and sepia. Lucky numbers are 15 and 29.

Sat Feb 25: Dividing Up

A changed relationship with somebody you've had financial transactions with may come as a outcome of an argument or simply because you no longer see eye to eye. If you're dividing up joint finances or resources, ensure things are done equitably. Be cautious it whatever you do. Insightful colours are sticky caramel and almond. Lucky numbers are 3 and 24.

Sun Feb 26: New Moon

Now's the time to make changes regarding your convictions or beliefs as the New Moon in Pisces celebrates your flashes of understanding. Odd or mysterious communications and developments regarding overseas relationships or legal issues may mean make a decision to travel. Whatever happens you'll be stimulated by a new angle on things. Expansive colours are polished sapphire and flaming red. Lucky numbers are 15 and 27.

Mon Feb 27: More Confidently

Now that you are no longer so involved in intense or confidential matters, you will find yourself talking more confidently to a wider audience. Mercury is now in your ninth house of expansive ideas and long distance travel. Find more stimulating interests and get out of ruts now. Just watch you don't get yourself too hyped-up. Then you may get into a competitive frame of mind where it will be none stop every moment of the day. Inspirational colours are citrine and amethyst. Lucky numbers are 10 and 33.

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