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Capricorn (The Sea-Goat)

December 23 - January 20

A Capricornian profile is one of prudence, care & reservedness, but they may also be pessimistic & grudging. A Goat is strongly ambitious and strives for success and seeks respect for what they accomplish. At times they seem to be taking risks and may appear reckless but they are in control and plan well. A Capricornian is also known as The Sea-Goat or Ibex and is influenced by the Moon, Saturn, Mars & Jupiter.

Tue Feb 21: Back On Track

Devote some time today living the life that gives you most pleasure. This might involve recreational interests, creative pastimes, romance or the basic pleasures of a get together with good friends and good food. Whichever path you follow, ensure you discover the creative expression that assists to free your spirit from the pressures and vicissitudes of the recent past. Invigorating colours are ripe apricot and bottle green. Lucky numbers are 21 and 34.

Wed Feb 22: The Unexpected

Stress comes completely unexpectedly today and verbal disputes happen out of nothing. Problems with travels are a strong possibility and aggression while driving is in the stars, so take additional care. Don't get worked up by any emotional torment that's offered: stay serene and you'll remain in control of whatever should arise. Serene colours are cornflower blue and vivid green. Lucky numbers are 22 and 39.

Thu Feb 23: Positive Note

The day begins on a positive note as you're synchronised with everybody, undertaking all that needs to be done. However, as the day progresses, things move into a clearly emotional and home framework. Be attentive to what's happening within the home, particularly in relation to the emotional situation. There are some issues there and you need to address them. Your partner is not happy with you. Routine colours are pale mauve and electric blue. Lucky numbers are 30 and 43.

Fri Feb 24: Balancing The Books

The Moon flies through Aquarius and your solar second house, bringing your attention to issues of personal finances. Open up your accounts. Go through the ledger thoroughly. Ensure there are no bills outstanding and the books are current. Conduct a simple audit to see where you could maybe cut out some of those spurious expenses and maybe rack up some savings in the longer term. Sometimes a fresh new look can be a fantastic help. Discuss things with a colleague. Prudent colours are salmon silver and red rose. Lucky numbers are 18 and 33.

Sat Feb 25: Changes To Lifestyle

Influences today point to the conclusion of a cycle or even the finish of an period as Mercury moves into Pisces. The price paid for living or doing things in a particular way becomes obvious. There are outstanding accounts to be settled and if you've gone overboard, now is the time to make do with what you have at your disposal. Changes with colleagues, particularly where money is concerned are very likely. Expect your lifestyles to undergo some change as well. Prudent colours are autumn brown and leaf green. Lucky numbers are 5 and 24.

Sun Feb 26: New Moon

The New Moon in Pisces stirs interesting ideas and puzzling developments. A odd person will have an influence on your thinking, encouraging you to look at things from a new perspective. However, do you really want to? There are weird developments or changes concerning communication or a travel plan. Be ready as short notice to revise your plans. Fortunate colours are ash grey and pale rose. Lucky numbers are 19 and 33.

Mon Feb 27: Chatting Brightly

Racing around a good deal quicker in coming days, you will be talking brightly about thousand's of different things. Okay, so you may be a touch scattered, but at least you won't be bored. You'll be determined now that you've found courage to say whatever suits you. If you can find people who are happy to be involved in stimulating conversations and debates without it spilling over into resentment, then you will thoroughly enjoy yourself. Expressive colours are milk chocolate and smokey red. Lucky numbers are 14 and 31.

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