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Gemini (The Twins)

May 22 - June 21

A Geminian's profile is one of versatility, eloquence and wit but they can be nervous & scheming. Twins love to chatter and are mentally active and curious. They can't stand still so others may see them a flighty and sometimes shallow. A Geminian is also known as The Twins (Castor & Pollux) and is influenced by Mercury and Jupiter and the Dragon's Head and Dragon's Tail.

Tue Feb 21: Consider Your Life

Today you take a backward step from the business of life and consider on what's truly important. Spiritual and creative issues need to come first. You need time to examine your inner self and understand how you are actually feeling. You might want to think about your beliefs and question yourself about how much they determine what you do in life. Soothing colours are burnt coffee and cinnamon. Lucky numbers are 8 and 40.

Wed Feb 22: Give & Take

Stresses at work may result in an air that will effect loved ones or home life. On the other hand, there may be problems to overcome with your spouse that might affect your working life. If someone in authority intrudes in your life, remain calm. Don't let your ego stop you from accepting ideas, methods or information; it is possible to move forward. Favourable colours are aubergine and apricot. Lucky numbers are 40 and 44.

Thu Feb 23: Every Which Way

The Moon starts the day in Capricorn but concludes it in Aquarius, and crossed Pluto on its journey. Duty may require you to complete something, but you will finally take a break from what you're doing and look for the company of friends. Get as much pleasure as you can this evening. Ensure you socialise or do something that gives you the stimulation which is a requirement for your sign. There may be an issue or hindrance with meeting somebody. Balancing colours are cloudy blue and burnt orange. Lucky numbers are 12 and 32.

Fri Feb 24: Getting Away

The daring Moon flies through Aquarius encouraging you to take on an adventure and seek freedom. You may have the urge to charge off with a couple of friends and look for an interesting place to go. Try a just a newly opened foreign restaurant nearby or go view a foreign film. Maybe it's only a matter of getting into the car going for a pleasant drive this evening. Adventurous colours are fuzzy peach and royal purple. Lucky numbers are 37 and 42.

Sat Feb 25: Maintaining Good Health

If there's anybody or anything you need to dramatically change in your life in order to remain healthy then do it now. Change practices and styles of living involving exercise and diet. If those you intermix with don't let you to do the right thing, then maybe it's time to make changes there as well particularly as Mercury, your life ruler, enters Pisces. Beneficial colours are honey gold and marigold. Lucky numbers are 36 and 45.

Sun Feb 26: New Moon

The Moon turns New in Pisces, your solar tenth house. Moves are happening regarding professional issues, a movement or flip in circumstances may bring a confusing shift with responsibilities. Keep a look out for odd changes or responses from your boss or those in positions of authority and you might have a change in your tasks. Favourable colours are carnelian and garnet. Lucky numbers are 13 and 26.

Mon Feb 27: Laying Foundations

Your career and ambitions are concerning you at the moment and the next couple of weeks are ripe to put foundations in place, if you think things through carefully first. Don't be scared to ask for advice because there are people around you who would be delighted to help, they just wouldn't dare unless you ask! Always remember, the best way to a new job or career is education or brushing up on old skills. Auspicious colours are rusty red and dark plum. Lucky numbers are 11 and 41.

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