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Leo (The Lion)

July 24 - August 23

Leo's profile is one of enthusiasm, generosity & creativity, but they can also be pompous, interfering & bossy. Lions love to be the centre of attentions and seeks roles that provide the opportunity. They strive through life and in doing so may unwittingly fail to notice or acknowledge the feelings of others and so can seem cold and aloof. A Leo is also known as The Lion and is influenced by the Sun & Saturn.

Tue Feb 21: Addressing Issues

There are obligations to be met and responsibilities to be addressed over coming days. Step up and do it all without complaining. Dealings with people in authority are a strong possibility, which could stretch things and cause confusion. Show patience. There might be interaction with a parent or woman family member: there is an issue that needs to be settled here. Providential colours are grey and satin pink. Lucky numbers are 19 and 49.

Wed Feb 22: Spending Patterns

You really do need to calculate what your expenditure is on your lifestyle, with a idea to do some economic adjustments. You'll get positive results from reducing expenditure and adopting a more simple way to live. If your habits or patterns are seeing your bank account diminish, change them. Try and work out a way to do things that put in place some strict limits on your spending. Prudent colours are lime green and terracotta. Lucky numbers are 12 and 27.

Thu Feb 23: Mood Swing

You may be looking for answers internally, thinking on life's deeper matters and maybe you have some money concerns as well. However, as the day proceeds on your mood will change. There's a sense of restlessness in the air and you are required to assert your feelings of independence and freedom. However, what starts as a desire for adventure may have barriers put in the way by an unexpected development. Just go with the flow. Auspicious colours are clotted cream and mink. Lucky numbers are 17 and 36.

Fri Feb 24: Romantic Times

The Moon sails through Aquarius and your solar seventh house, putting the focus on partners and close colleagues. Give attention to your nearest and dearest. Give them consideration and heed what they are saying to you. If you devote some time together, you will begin to understand some things about how loved ones or colleagues are feeling. What's on their mind may come as a bit of a surprise. Consider a romantic evening. Romantic colours are dark wine and soft rose. Lucky numbers are 13 and 22.

Sat Feb 25: Change Is In The Air

It's time to make a change; aged relationships conclude and new ones start. It might be that you're moving in a new direction or there's basically nothing to keep what was at one time important to you going. This is not the time to start something completely new outside of your comfort zone though as your judgement is a tad faulty at the moment. Dealings with bosses could prove to be a little difficult. Intuitive colours are red bronze and burnt sienna. Lucky numbers are 13 and 32.

Sun Feb 26: New Moon

The New Moon crosses into Pisces and your solar eighth house setting new patterns or alterations concerning joint finances. There will possibly be an disrupting shift in current conditions and a chance may come out of left field. Grab it by both hands: this may be an opportunity to take a good look within yourself and realise something about your nature and composition. Insightful colours are new mined gold and royal purple. Lucky numbers are 6 and 22.

Mon Feb 27: Probing Deeper

You will be digging deeper for more elementary answers in a highly discreet way for few weeks. Mercury passing through your eighth house of confidential matters, joint finances and major changes will be focusing your mind on private business. Today particularly you will have a sense of boldness about getting things done you haven't been able to do before. Just don't get too sharp or confrontational. Insightful colours are red rose and pink carnation. Lucky numbers are 11 and 40.

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