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Libra (The Scales)

September 24 - October 23

A Librarian's profile is one of diplomacy, sociability & idealism, but sometimes they can be indecisive & easily influenced. Libra is the most sociable of all the signs and excels with interpersonal relationships and makes an ideal diplomat and strategist. Libra sometimes give to much of themselves and sometime neglect their own needs and requirements. A Librarian is also known as The Scales and is influenced by Venus, Saturn, Mars & the Sun.

Wed Aug 27: Crisis

Some of your friends might be passing through a crisis at the moment; do your utmost to listen without any preconceived notions. Some people don't really want help or advice, so be ready to keep your advice to yourself. It's not the best of ideas to lend money unless it is a critical situation; even if it is your lover asking, there is very little likelihood you'll see your cash again. Offer your emotional support but don't provide anyone the means to continue bad behaviour. Fortunate colours are black grape and ripe mango. Lucky numbers are 3 and 28.

Thu Aug 28: Personal Hide Away

The changeable Moon passes your twelfth house of secrets and aloneness today, signalling time to escape into that personal hide away. This is a good time to get additional sleep and avoid excessive socialising. Refreshing your spiritual batteries is key, so do the things that help you regain your equilibrium. A quiet evening at home without the television or internet will help you find focus. Calming colours are pale lavender and vivid indigo. Lucky numbers are 4 and 13.

Fri Aug 29: Bold Front

The Moon is still bounding through your tenth house of status, so why not put on a bold front for the world. Demonstrate just how in control you are with your life as Venus your life-ruler tangos with sullen Pluto, Lord of Darkness and harbinger of wealth. Others will be attracted by your aura of self-possession and control. You can even transform a past failure into a future success. Fortunate colours shining silver and are royal blue. Lucky numbers are 18 and 27.

Sat Aug 30: Forces Of Nature

Benefits from behind the scenes come to the fore today, all praise to Venus. Jupiter is also on your side, so joint income, investments, collection of debts, taxes, insurance, and property matters are areas affected. Requests for financial help are likely to be favoured. Progress is not difficult to achieve by the use of analysis, investigation, or research. Greater sexual pleasure is there, particularly through understanding the intricacies of sex and other forces of nature. Beneficial colours are ground nutmeg and old ivory. Lucky numbers are 9 and 13.

Sun Aug 31: Charming Hostess

You will be prepared to make a grandiose entrance as the Moon provides you with renewed emotional strength and energy. This is your night to shine, so don't reject interesting invitations outright. If you are entertaining in your home this evening, you are sure to be a charming hostess. Auspicious colours are snow white and ruby red. Lucky numbers are 2 and 11.

Mon Sep 1: Delightful

This can be one of the most delightful days of the month for you. Demonstrate your creative talents and share in the ideas of your most stimulating friends. Don't stay at home and watch TV unless you have absolutely no choice. If you are stuck at home this evening, why not invite your friends in for an evening of nibblies, port and good conversation? Advantageous colours are sapphire blue and ruby red. Lucky numbers are 29 and 38.

Tue Sep 2: Secret Pleasure

The Scorpio Moon gives you the impetus to put extra effort towards making improvements your your finances; squirrel some away for a rainy day. With Venus enticing you to surrender to your favourite secret pleasures it may be difficult to discipline yourself, but find the right level between letting yourself have those small luxuries and spoiling yourself to excess. Attend to your gut as you may have a sixth sense relating to a business issue. Auspicious colours are desert sand and sage green. Lucky numbers are 3 and 30.

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