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Libra (The Scales)

September 24 - October 23

A Librarian's profile is one of diplomacy, sociability & idealism, but sometimes they can be indecisive & easily influenced. Libra is the most sociable of all the signs and excels with interpersonal relationships and makes an ideal diplomat and strategist. Libra sometimes give to much of themselves and sometime neglect their own needs and requirements. A Librarian is also known as The Scales and is influenced by Venus, Saturn, Mars & the Sun.

Sun May 1: May Day

Well, it's May Day and it's a Sunday, just the day for a frolic in the fields, or a open fire to frighten off the fashion tragics. Mars and Saturn both in retro, combine in your third house of communications. Blocks that have been holding you back may come to the surface. Keep a low profile and enjoy some quiet time for yourself. Take time to catch up with correspondence, especially with friends overseas. Restorative colours are emerald and foxglove. Lucky numbers are 2 and 19.

Mon May 2: Don't Overreact

Sometimes you feel passionate about things and sometimes everything gets a bit gritty and you struggle to break free. Try not to overreact to the odd stress and strain, just rise graciously above it all and harmony will be restored sooner than you think. Watch you are not too forceful in expressing yourself now and get into arguments. Look at the other person's point of view. You are probably not aware of how intense you sound. Appropriate colours are mother of pearl and dark green. Lucky numbers are 13 and 52.

Tue May 3: Too Sentimental

Sometimes you get yourself worked up about things that are not as important as you're making them out to be. Try to give yourself some space to just wind down and be a bit more at peace if you possibly can. Maybe you will be too sentimental on the surface. Try to be more honest about your feelings underneath. You will want beauty or luxury at home and your appetite may be more tempted than usual. Positive colours are bright red and avocado. Lucky numbers are 5 and 24.

Wed May 4: Spiritual & Creative

Today can be a wonderfully sensitive, spiritual and creative time, but it's not very practical. So it's important to keep your imagination under control and keep double-checking that you're being realistic. Emotional confusion may be difficult to clear up at this time and you could find loved ones evasive. On the bright side, your sense of sympathy is extremely strong and your sense of mystery will attract romantic admirers. Beneficial colours are hazelnut and cream. Lucky numbers are 4 and 43.

Thu May 5: Inner Peace

You seem genuinely happy with your own company and will be content to reflect on your thoughts. You are radiating an inner peace that others envy. But if there is someone close by in need, you will be understanding of their problems. And because you are tuned in at a deeper level than usual, your sympathy will hit the right spot. It's hard to fit in with other people's orders or instructions. Find yourself a niche where you can have more elbowroom. Uplifting colours are myrtle and pepper. Lucky numbers are 47 and 54.

Fri May 6: New Moon

Out with the old and in with the New Moon! This is the time to review your beliefs, whether to do with politics, education or just your philosophy of living. It presents an ideal energy to jettison old ways of doing things and make a clean start. You should be continually be looking at ways modify what no longer works and take in new information which causes you to alter your approach. You need an independent partner, as well. Favourable colours are pistachio and mulberry. Lucky numbers are 10 and 28.

Sun May 7: Make Your Mark

Now you intend to put all your grand plans into gear. No one will accuse you of lacking courage or being too timid as you push rivals out of the way. You intend to make your mark. Bossy individuals may find you a little threatening as you obviously intend to take over the decision making role. Be aware that charging ahead in a headstrong way could run you into problems. Ideal colours are terracotta and mustard. Lucky numbers are 8 and 32.

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