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Libra (The Scales)

September 24 - October 23

A Librarian's profile is one of diplomacy, sociability & idealism, but sometimes they can be indecisive & easily influenced. Libra is the most sociable of all the signs and excels with interpersonal relationships and makes an ideal diplomat and strategist. Libra sometimes give to much of themselves and sometime neglect their own needs and requirements. A Librarian is also known as The Scales and is influenced by Venus, Saturn, Mars & the Sun.

Mon Feb 1: Challenges

The chatty Moon confronts mights Mars today, so social interactions don't run smoothly. You may meet friction or a block to your plans. Relations with co-workers could be tense and health issues could limit your efforts. Be careful with work-related travel. You may have to put aside social matters to fulfil responsibilities, but Venus and Mercury are active, so romance is definitely in the wind. Practical colours are beige and tan. Lucky numbers are 7 and 19.

Tue Feb 2: Buzz Buzz

Creative projects get back on track as the Sun is buzzing. Communication should be excellent. Trust your intuitive responses, but don't try to take control. Let life take its course. The best work today is that which does itself. Romance is favoured, especially at a foreign show or convention. Children could be a joy: let them have their way, you'll love it! Fortunate colours are wild strawberry and dark wine. Lucky numbers are 16 and 21.

Wed Feb 3: Remain Alert

The Moon in Sagittarius is really rather pleasant. it may bring a subtle realignment with your work and may mark the start of a period of achievement. Don't be fooled by promises that seem too good to be true, especially among colleagues or employees. Insightful colours are scarlet and champagne. Lucky numbers are 12 and 30.

Thu Feb 4: Responsibilities

The shifting Moon sails enters Capricorn today, coming away from a meeting with sober Saturn. There may be obligations that call on your time. There will be dealings with those in authority or with elderly people. Some of you will have to meet the requirements of the day with little time for yourself. Others will have to contemplate the burdens of the day alone. Meaningful colours are plum and ruby. Lucky numbers are 13 and 29.

Fri Feb 5: Lifestyle

The Sun in Aquarius creates lifestyle pressures, but tonight the atmosphere improves out of sight as the Moon dances with Venus, your life-ruler. Of course there are limits as to how far you can push the envelope. Just take your time and don't blow the budget. If your love is feeling amorous, give in gracefully. Suitable colours are mink and cream. Lucky numbers are 10 and 27.

Sat Feb 6: Friends & Lovers

The shifting Moon lights up your fifth house of children which it will share with The Sun for the next couple of days. Friends may become lovers and lovers seem more like friends under these influences. Creativity is high, so those of you in artistic fields should take advantage of the visiting muse. Children's interests are highlighted. Expansive colours are midnight blue and pale lavender. Lucky numbers are 11 and 39.

Sun Feb 7: Shining Venus

Shining Venus your life-ruler moves into is in cahoots with Pluto and Mercury, spicing up your romantic life as she travels through over the next week. Some begin a new partnership under this influence. Others renew old affections. The Moon is in your fifth house today, so it will be best if you can stay in a more reflective mode. Prepare for upsets as hidden matters come to light. remain calm. Favourable colours are vivid green and dark cherry. Lucky numbers are 28 and 40.

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