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Libra (The Scales)

September 24 - October 23

A Librarian's profile is one of diplomacy, sociability & idealism, but sometimes they can be indecisive & easily influenced. Libra is the most sociable of all the signs and excels with interpersonal relationships and makes an ideal diplomat and strategist. Libra sometimes give to much of themselves and sometime neglect their own needs and requirements. A Librarian is also known as The Scales and is influenced by Venus, Saturn, Mars & the Sun.

Tue Oct 28: Express Yourself

With the Moon in your third house of communication, you might need to express yourself quite forcefully today. Emotional passions might become uncontrollable; if you have a sense that you cannot prevent an outburst that might be out of place, try jotting down on paper how you feel. Then, keep the document to yourself for a couple of days. If you still feel that way later, then let fly. Advantageous colours are sky blue and banana yellow. Lucky numbers are 24 and 33.

Wed Oct 29: Communicate

Something important may come to your attention today as the Sun is in opposition to Jupiter. You might just have a strong feel about something or somebody; be attentive to your intuition. There could be more telephone calls and email than usual to respond to today. This happens a lot when the Moon affects our communication sector. Auspicious colours are moonlight yellow and baby blue. Lucky numbers are 6 and 15.

Thu Oct 30: Quiet Evening

The Moon passes into Capricorn this evening, encouraging you to spend some quiet at home. Many Librans will greet the new day feeling quite positive but become tired and moody as the day progresses; this is part of your natural cycle, so honour the needs of your spirit. Just because others are putting pressure on you you doesn't mean you have to go out and socialise. Head home, pull up the covers in bed and spend the evening with a good book. Auspicious colours are coral pink and ocean blue. Lucky numbers are 4 and 13.

Fri Oct 31: Consideration

It might be time for some Librans to attend to the needs of your home as the Moon moves across your fourth house of home and family life. You need to be thinking about parents, grandparents, and children and also for those living with you. Whether you have a large, extended family or a couple of flat mates, you need to test the emotional waters at home. Ensure you stock up on good supply of treats for the children as they come knocking this Halloween. Beneficial colours are pale lavender and blue teal. Lucky numbers are 22 and 39.

Sat Nov 1: Inspired

Many of you will be creatively inspired as the Moon enters your fifth house of romance and creativity. Even tackling the chores can be more fun with a little imagination, so greet the day with a positive outlook. It may be hard to get down to business, so don't try to hard. Natural playfulness and spontaneity is the way to go today. Auspicious colours are gold and crimson. Lucky numbers are 1 and 10.

Sun Nov 2: Sense of Humour

Flattery, charm, and a sense of humour will get you places, Libra. Pleasant relations with neighbours and other locals make life fun. If they've been troubled in the past, this is a good time to improve them. You are no doubt going to be busier than usual this month! Why not increase contacts or improve relationships with brothers, sisters, cousins, and in-laws? Some of your best social opportunities are right in your immediate environment. Beneficial colours are basic black and dove grey. Lucky numbers are 24 and 35.

Mon Nov 3: Sublime

This can be a wonderful day for you as the Moon encourages you to restore your soul with play and pleasure; just sitting on the porch with a drink this evening can be sublime. If you don't have any pressing work to do, just relax and have a good time. There is no law that says you must always be doing something practical and productive! Excellent colours are golden amber and lavender. Lucky numbers are 3 and 5.

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