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Libra (The Scales)

September 24 - October 23

A Librarian's profile is one of diplomacy, sociability & idealism, but sometimes they can be indecisive & easily influenced. Libra is the most sociable of all the signs and excels with interpersonal relationships and makes an ideal diplomat and strategist. Libra sometimes give to much of themselves and sometime neglect their own needs and requirements. A Librarian is also known as The Scales and is influenced by Venus, Saturn, Mars & the Sun.

Thu Jun 23: Centred On Work

You're strongly focused on your work and career at the moment, but you can't spend all your time slogging away at your goals. Put plenty of energy into your spare-time activities, such as your hobbies and social life. You might even become wrapped up in a new pastime during coming weeks. Favourable colours are gold and jet black. Lucky numbers are 27 and 37.

Fri Jun 24: A Mystery

Someone is in detective mode and determined to get to the bottom of what seems to be a mystery. Some snooping is in the wind, or some impertinent questions. Or are you the one behaving like a human bloodhound? If so, know when to withdraw gracefully, otherwise you could make yourself very unpopular. Beneficial colours are ochre and spring green. Lucky numbers are 40 and 46.

Sat Jun 25: Control Freak

Don't take yourself too seriously today or you're likely to get into a bit of a state. Resist any over-inflated ideas of your own importance, and don't get bossy. Are you suffering at the hands of someone whose power has gone to their head, strutting around like a peacock? You'd love to take the wind out of their sails, but do you dare? Empowering colours are sunflower yellow and aubergine. Lucky numbers are 31 and 49.

Sun Jun 26: Be Around People

As the day draws on, your charm is high and you'll take a greater interest in clubs and associations or anywhere where people collect. Activities such as fundraising, membership drives, or newsletters may be on your agenda. Work in with friends to improve your prospects. Beneficial colours are taupe and plum. Lucky numbers are 1 and 11.

Mon Jun 27: Handling The Detail

You will be coping with detail and specialised information more than usual, Libra. You will be talking about reorganising your working patterns. Just don't get too critical with workmates. Handle yourself with a touch of care, because you're likely to be over busy with your mind on high alert. Buzzing around at top speed, your tongue will also be moving rather quickly. You won't take kindly to anyone telling you what to do. Fortunate colours are caramel and light coffee. Lucky numbers are 11 and 37.

Tue Jun 28: Inspirational

This is a terrific day for embarking on a new routine or for altering your work schedule because the changes will inspire and excite you. If you're beginning a new job, project or task today, it's likely to bring you a few surprises along the way but it will also encourage you to think for yourself and to have the courage of your own convictions. Inspirational colours are sapphire blue and emerald green. Lucky numbers are 38 and 53.

Wed Jun 29: Get On With It

If you want to get on the right side of someone you respect, or a person who's in a position of authority, pull out all the stops today. You'll find it easy to talk to them and you could end up having a very interesting conversation. This is also a good day for talking to people with a lot of business knowledge or financial know-how, and who might pass on a few pearls of wisdom to you. Fortunate colours are treacle and silvery pink. Lucky numbers are 15 and 37.

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