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Sagittarius (The Archer)

November 23 - December 22

A Sagittarian's profile is one of optimism, honesty & they can be philosophical but they also have the potential for carelessness & irresponsibility. A Sagittarian in an incurable optimist and always sees the sunny side of life. Their honest is their fault because that tend to say things as they see it with being sensitive to other people feelings. A Sagittarian is also known as The Archer and is influenced by Jupiter & Mercury and the Dragon's Tail & Dragon's Head.

Mon Jan 16: Health Improves

If you've been plagued by a long standing health problem, it's likely to move towards a resolution today. You're about to enter a good phase for religious and spiritual activities, meditation and prayer. If you have to work, nothing much happens and your day should pass pleasantly. You and your friends could attend a charitable function. Matters connected with helping the less fortunate may prove inspiring. Otherwise, just get out of the house and enjoy some air. Fortunate colours are royal blue and butterscotch. Lucky numbers are 7 and 25.

Tue Jan 17: Money Go Round

Money sometimes has a tendency to flow out in huge chunks with you, doesn't it? This could be one such day. You really need to make out a budget plan and stick to it - you might even need some professional help. Returns will be good if you use today's money outflow wisely, such as purchasing assets that will appreciate well, or starting a savings plan. Fortunate colours are pale yellow and rich tan. Lucky numbers are 1 and 14.

Wed Jan 18: Maintain Alertness

The day starts out on something of a blue note, with annoyances about the cost of things, or other financial bugbears being quite prominent. However a mood of cooperation and general well-being picks up as the day goes on, though you still need to be on your guard. Fortunate colours are cobalt blue and yellow sapphire. Lucky numbers are 11 and 42.

Thu Jan 19: Something New

As the Sun blazes in Aquarius, your mental processes are energised. New ideas pop up, so read more, gather the information and learn new things. Archers hate taking orders, so your own inventive ideas are always best, if you're allowed to implement them. You really need to communicate, as you get busy planning projects, attending meetings, running errands and taking short trips. Buying a computer, new car, phones, or upgrading your systems are all favoured. Beneficial colours are moonlight yellow and green. Lucky numbers are 14 and 27.

Fri Jan 20: Big Mouth

Your day at work looks promising, with plenty of support and some achievements as well. You could be in line for a pay rise if you play your cards right. It won't be such plain sailing at home, though. A misunderstanding could arise, so you'll have to walk on egg shells. Your big mouth could be at the root of the problem. Fortunate colours are white and silver. Lucky numbers are 12 and 31.

Sat Jan 21: Let The Universe Be Your Friend

The celestial forces are making you stronger and more vital so the feeling is pretty good. A touch of generosity on your part will reflect well, and inspire the same feeling in others (toward you!). This will benefit your personal goals. It's a good time to ask for favours from the Great and Good. Carpe diem, seize the day. Do not be afraid to create your own opportunity. Let the universe be your friend. Advantageous colours are old gold and royal purple. Lucky numbers are 12 and 43.

Sun Jan 22: Domestic Issues

Family and domestic matters that have required your attention for some time now should begin to improve after today. Work pressure still seems to be about and could begin to increase again this week, but it's important to focus on domestic issues today. If you've been thinking about joining or beginning a group activity of any sort, this is a fine time to pursue it, though money could be a problem. Don't take chances with your dough! Favorable colors are red garnet and rich tan. Lucky numbers are 12 and 26.

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