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Taurus (The Bull)

April 21 - May 21

A Taurus' profile is one of reliability, placidness & loyalty, but they can be possibly possessive & stubborn. Taurans are recognised for their determination and they prefer a simple and stable life. They tend to be drawn to the comforts of life and their view of life is practical and sensible. Risk taking is not something they do willingly. Taurus is also know as The Bull and is influenced by Venus, the Moon & Mars.


Thu Oct 20: Soaring High

If the weather permits, this is the kind of day for flying kites. Imagine that it is you soaring above the clouds as you guide your kite through the air; imagine what sort of freedom you would have if you could fly! While you're at it, don't be afraid to dream of a better future for yourself. Get outside and do something exhilarating, even if it is just taking a walk down a garden path. Beneficial colours are golden amber and russet. Lucky numbers are 8 and 18.

Fri Oct 21: Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

With the cosmic concentration on Libra, many of you will be at odds with a partner today about the best way to do things. You may be taking an overly conservative point of view, so try to be open to different viewpoints. Of course it's better to be safe than sorry, but it's also true that nothing ventured, nothing gained. Auspicious colours are basic black and garnet red. Lucky numbers are 9 and 11.

Sat Oct 22: Highlights

The Sun enters Scorpio today, urging you to make plans for tomorrow. It's a good day to take a long lunch with a friend. It is important to indulge yourself a little today, even if it is something as small as enjoying a chocolate or two. All work and no play can make a Bull very miserable, so be sure to reward yourself for all your hard work and trouble. Auspicious colours are pale gold and royal purple. Lucky numbers are 6 and 8.

Sun Oct 23: New Perspective

Use your time today to do some deep thinking and introspection as your ideas and thoughts are likely to be inspired. Creativity is high today, especially in the more technical fields. Problems can be solved more easily if you walk away from them for while. Take a walk in the park for a new perspective. Advantageous colours are desert sand and ruby red. Lucky numbers are 19 and 27.

Mon Oct 24: Take It Slowly

Take it slowly for the beginning of this week, conserve your energy today as exciting times are coming and you'll need your energy. Do what needs to be done but don't start anything new. You may be asked to volunteer for a task so don't be afraid to ask questions and jump in head first. Beneficial colours are blush pink and ivory. Lucky numbers are 12 and 17.

Tue Oct 25: Great Ideas

Your friends may have some brilliant ideas that will be a big help to you in the coming days; listen to what they have to say. Today is also a wonderful day for love. Those of you who have been going through growing pains in a relationship will find that you can have a breakthrough today. Don't be afraid to talk about your feelings; let them out gradually to avoid an explosion. Favourable colours are sparkling orange and lime green. Lucky numbers are 16 and 20.

Wed Oct 26: Lighthearted

Enjoy the lighthearted mood where lunch today with a colleague or sibling should lift your spirits, and you might just be needed for your warmth and support. This afternoon could prove to be quite busy, so try to pace yourself. You don't want to wear yourself out if you're celebrating Halloween later this week! Turn in early for best results. Auspicious colours are turquoise and teal. Lucky numbers are 23 and 27.

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