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Taurus (The Bull)

April 21 - May 21

A Taurus' profile is one of reliability, placidness & loyalty, but they can be possibly possessive & stubborn. Taurans are recognised for their determination and they prefer a simple and stable life. They tend to be drawn to the comforts of life and their view of life is practical and sensible. Risk taking is not something they do willingly. Taurus is also know as The Bull and is influenced by Venus, the Moon & Mars.

Tue Dec 16: Calm & Collected

A feeling of pleasure and good luck unfolds for the day as the Moon and Jupiter prance about. Almost anything can occur as the day proceeds and the sensitive Moon and Venus are at loggerheads and Mercury is becoming stressed. It might appear as if there is no way to avoid arguments, but you have the power to keep a disagreement from ruining things. If somebody is maliciously trying to bait you, stay calm and collected. That way, you remain in control! Advantageous colours are ocean blue and sea green. Lucky numbers are 11 and 26.

Wed Dec 17: Upbeat Note

The day opens on an upbeat note as the inspirational Moon zips through your fifth house of romance and creativity. Spending time with children can be rewarding now, as can time spent with a romantic interest. Some of you will be planning a holiday engagement, so think about how you would like to announce the news. You have energy to spare! Auspicious colours are pale gold and lavender. Lucky numbers are 6 and 24.

Thu Dec 18: Bulls In Harmony

Your taste for la dolce vita could get become uncontrollable as the tender Moon traverses spoiled Libra. You can get pleasure from the sweet life, but don't go overboard. Balance what you eat and ensure you get lots of exercise. Some of the most beautiful people are born under the sign of the Bull and you will be showing that healthy, durable glow all day long. Favourable colours are cornflower blue and soft beige. Lucky numbers are 24 and 34.

Fri Dec 19: Tact & Diplomacy

Saturn mixes with a touchy Moon today and you might be looking for a place to hide at work. Keep a clear head and you may be in a position to save the day; your particular brand of tact is needed. You might even find a long awaited pay raise or cash bonus in the offering. After all, the hard working Bull deserves it. Fortunate colours are muted silver and sparkling green. Lucky numbers are 12 and 15.

Sat Dec 20: Quality Time

Spending some quality time with your partner is at the top of the list right now; neglect could result in some very unhappy moments within the next week or so. Some Bulls are presenting a courageous image to the public, but are covering up serious problems at home. Spend time with your partner to prevent the unavoidable meltdown that comes with repression. You'll be glad you put in the time and effort. Advantageous colours are soft rose and pale aqua. Lucky numbers are 8 and 17.

Sun Dec 21: New Moon

You may feel as though you're going crazy with the New Moon in your ninth house of travel and adventure. If the perceived lack of things to do is keeping you from getting outside, you may need to get onto the internet and check out all the great things that are happening. Look for a way to feed the Bull's desire for change. Favourable colours are deep maroon and pale tan. Lucky numbers are 33 and 50.

Mon Dec 22: In Control

The early morning is good for teamwork; problems from last week can be fixed with minimal effort. As the celestials turns around, the Moon passes into Sagittarius and your eighth house of carnal pleasure, power and money, adding a flavour of intensity to the day. Issues of power and control might arise; don't be caught on the hop if this energy continues through to tomorrow. You'll need to keep your emotions controlled if you want to get through. Beneficial colours are polished ebony and wine red. Lucky numbers are 10 and 19.

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