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Taurus (The Bull)

April 21 - May 21

A Taurus' profile is one of reliability, placidness & loyalty, but they can be possibly possessive & stubborn. Taurans are recognised for their determination and they prefer a simple and stable life. They tend to be drawn to the comforts of life and their view of life is practical and sensible. Risk taking is not something they do willingly. Taurus is also know as The Bull and is influenced by Venus, the Moon & Mars.


Wed May 27: Surprises In Store

There are surprises in store, particularly where relationships at home are concerned. Treat whatever happens as a challenge and an adventure, and not a threat. If you or your partner cling to each other too firmly, you may run the risk of breaking up. You're both restless and need to channel that energy, perhaps by taking an adventurous holiday together. You'll will be straight on your high horse if you see anyone's freedom being threatened, especially your own. Soothing colours are copper and beige. Lucky numbers are 8 and 27.

Thu May 28: Tricky Situation

Time can be a great healer... not in a dramatic way, but by gently soothing. It is an influence that disappears very quickly in the hurry and scurry of modern living. If you can connect to it then you will find not just that you feel physically better, but that you also have a deeper sense of meaning and purpose. Avoid being pulled into a tricky situation where you'll end up feeling frustrated or blocked. Fortunate colours are burgundy and silver. Lucky numbers are 9 and 2.

Fri May 29: Take Extra Care

Be careful when driving or operating machinery, as minor accidents are in the stars at the moment. Your tendency to blame others won't go down too well. Controversy is keeping you on your toes as your mind is fast-moving and witty, if too cutting at times. You could find yourself involved in noisy confrontations with family members or close companions. Positive colours are lemon and aqua. Lucky numbers are 62 and 13.

Sat May 30: Look After You

You will find yourself working hard and dealing with a lot of responsibility today, so you need to boost your stamina by looking after yourself for a change. Your emotions are tied up with your working situation, and indeed with your health for a couple of days. If you are feeling jangled emotionally, you have to watch that your body doesn't suffer. Make sure you are putting energy into eating well, relaxing and generally looking after your health. Suitable colours are marmalade and lilac. Lucky numbers are 51 and 11.

Sun May 31: Make The Effort

Feeling cheerful, indulgent and very optimistic? The only cloud on the horizon is if you assume that everything is going to fall into place, without making any effort. You need to put extra energy into getting your budget into shipshape order now. You are determined to increase your earnings for a few weeks, or at least manage what you already have more sensibly. Harmonious colours are strawberry and cream. Lucky numbers are 3 and 27.

Mon Jun 1: Think Long Term

Some people are full of talk today and the trouble is that they don't know when to shut up. Who needs all the trivial details? Venus is favoured in Cancer, so financial matters may resurface, and you may be inclined to change your point of view. Think longer term, especially if you are tempted to form an important liaison, or partnership. Uplifting colours are azure and pumpkin. Lucky numbers are 32 and 5.

Tue Jun 2: Full Moon

Get involved in financial transactions at your peril under today's Full Moon, because certain people will use them as a stick to beat you with. For instance, if you ask someone to lend you money they'll either make you feel guilty about it or dredge up all sorts of past instances when their trust was betrayed. You would also be well advised to avoid any show of possessiveness or jealousy, even if you feel it, unless you truly don't care about the disastrous outcome. Stabilising colours are mother of pearl and silvery pink. Lucky numbers are 38 and 36.

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