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Taurus (The Bull)

April 21 - May 21

A Taurus' profile is one of reliability, placidness & loyalty, but they can be possibly possessive & stubborn. Taurans are recognised for their determination and they prefer a simple and stable life. They tend to be drawn to the comforts of life and their view of life is practical and sensible. Risk taking is not something they do willingly. Taurus is also know as The Bull and is influenced by Venus, the Moon & Mars.

Sat Apr 19: Positive Self Esteem

Even the Bull with the least self-confidence is likely to get a positive and affirming charge of self-esteem that should work its spell for weeks to come. Around the time of your birthday, when the Sun returns to its position at your birth, it's a time for rebirthing yourself. Start planning what you want to achieve in the coming year. Try this; let nothing other than the natural limits of your own imagination be the guideline for what's possible for you to undertake and achieve. Auspicious colours are pearl white and blush rose. Lucky numbers are 19 and 27.

Sun Apr 20: Join Hands

Gather beautiful things around you, Taurus, for today is Easter Sunday, the symbol of new life in spirit. Are you trying to compensate for a lack you feel elsewhere? Don't confuse love and money and assume if you are not being given lavish presents that you are not really valued. Make a decision to live life more fully. Alluring colours are rye bread and kiwi fruit. Lucky numbers are 10 and 22.

Mon Apr 21: Team Effort

This is definitely a time when you need to be around friends, to be sociable, outgoing and to feel like one of the gang. Team relationships work well today: why do things on your own when there is so much support on offer around you? It's best to work in a way that will gain you the approval of those in authority. Don't take risks, or being too boisterous. Be a little bit understated. Lucky colours are apricot and cream. Lucky numbers are 20 and 27.

Tue Apr 22: In Your Element

With the Moon residing in Taurus, you are in your element. Taking the hub of activities at parties or when playing games, your popularity is reaching new levels with those you love, children and social friends. There's no sense restraining yourself. Let yourself to proceed confidently with as much flair as you can call up. Avoid those who are boring and slow-witted, or you might just speak too openly. Favorable colours are polished agate and oyster. Lucky numbers are 21 and 52.

Tue Apr 22: Right At Home

With the Moon currently in Taurus, you are right at home. Becoming the centre of activities on social occasions or when playing games, your popularity is rising to new heights with those you love, children and social buddies. There's no sense keeping yourself restrained. Allow yourself to move forward confidently with as much pizzazz as you command. Avoid those who bore you and are slow on the uptake, or you may just speak too abruptly. Favorable colours are polished agate and oyster. Lucky numbers are 21 and 52.

Thu Apr 24: Go Softly

Throw all your energies into anything of use to you. Life feels hard at the moment but it's a passing phase and it is possible to alter and change key aspects of your life. You have the ability to manage your finances well, but attempt to avoid becoming locked into situations which make you feel entrapped. Tread softly and examine all the options before making a decision. Buoyant colours are garnet and fuchsia. Lucky numbers are 51 and 22.

Fri Apr 25: Information Is Freedom

Venus is being influenced by the Moon in Gemini today, so don't miss out on new opportunities by sticking to your guns instead. It's Anzac Day, so be open to saying what you have to say as an individual. The Anzacs suffered for our freedom, so if you're a bit depressed, give yourself a good shake and stop feeling sorry for yourself. At times you have to delve deeply to find out what motivates other people, or what has gone before for you to be in the situation you are in now. Information is freedom. Opportune colours are emerald green and peacock blue. Lucky numbers are 43 and 69.

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