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Taurus (The Bull)

April 21 - May 21

A Taurus' profile is one of reliability, placidness & loyalty, but they can be possibly possessive & stubborn. Taurans are recognised for their determination and they prefer a simple and stable life. They tend to be drawn to the comforts of life and their view of life is practical and sensible. Risk taking is not something they do willingly. Taurus is also know as The Bull and is influenced by Venus, the Moon & Mars.


Fri Aug 19: Perverse Delight

A friend is prone to some erratic thinking today, so there's no knowing what they're going to say or do next. You may suspect that they're taking a perverse delight in keeping you on your toes or being rather contrary. Try not to take what they say as gospel in case they're talking complete nonsense. Beneficial colours are dark red and bright yellow. Lucky numbers are 29 and 35.

Sat Aug 20: Strange Happenings

Strange things could happen with a friend during the next two days, giving you an entirely new perspective on them. You might decide that you need to have a word in their ear about something, particularly if you don't want it to happen again. Or you could realise that your feelings for them are changing and you need to do something about it. Fortunate colours are black and emerald green. Lucky numbers are 12 and 22.

Sun Aug 21: Potter About

A lot of pleasure is to be gained from getting on with domestic and other routine chores today. You'll enjoy gradually ticking them all off your list of things to do, and you'll also take trouble with them so you do them to the best of your ability. If you can spare the time you'll enjoy pottering about in the kitchen or throwing out old belongings you no longer need. Positive colours are snow white and russet. Lucky numbers are 6 and 10.

Mon Aug 22: Sweet Atmosphere

Life will be very pleasant and enjoyable during the next four weeks, with plenty of things to keep you amused. Much to your delight, there will be times when you're the centre of everyone's affection, which will do wonders for your ego. The atmosphere between you and your favourite people will be even sweeter than usual, so there's a lot to look forward to. Ideal colours are lemon and coffee. Lucky numbers are 35 and 55.

Tue Aug 23: Chit Chat

Energy and enthusiasm focus on partnership and alliances, cooperative efforts and interaction with others today. Ideally, you should get together with someone who makes your world go round and then chat about whatever pops into your head. If you meet someone new now you'll share a relationship in which communications are highlighted. Lucky colours are deep purple and silver. Lucky numbers are 18 and 40.

Wed Aug 24: Still Waters

Still waters run deep today, so even if a loved one isn't saying much it doesn't mean that they're impervious to what's going on around them. You can bet that they're taking it all in, and probably getting into a bit of a state. If you suspect that someone is brooding, it's a good idea to encourage them to talk about what's on their mind, even if it makes uncomfortable listening. Beneficial colours are pistachio and violet. Lucky numbers are 15 and 30.

Thu Aug 25: Unforeseen Snags

Over coming days you should think carefully about any plans that are currently in the pipeline. Unforeseen snags could crop up as the Moon moves through Taurus, forcing you to re-evaluate your ideas and possibly even come up with some different solutions. Alternatively, projects may go cold for the time being and you'll just have to be patient. Beneficial colours are pearl and charcoal. Lucky numbers are 24 and 55.

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