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Virgo (The Virgin)

August 24 - September 23

A Virgin's profile is one of modesty, reliability & intelligence, but they can have a fussy and conservative side. A Virgo has the ability to easily see below the surface and recognise when things are not quite right. They can be highly discriminating but when push comes to shove they can be very passionate people. A Virgo is also know as The Virgin or Maiden and is influenced by Mercury, Jupiter & Venus.

Wed Jan 18: Door Stop

Something or someone is deliberately blocking you from getting what you want. If a door won't close, be sure to look and see whose foot is in the way. Although it may be everyone's problem, you're not directly responsible for causing or fixing it. Shift the focus toward rewards that all can share. Teamwork might be a struggle, but it's your best bet. Favourable colours are forest green and burgundy. Lucky numbers are 20 and 36.

Thu Jan 19: Front Row

If it's happening, you know about it first, and you probably have front row seats. You can't help but be in the middle of any physical action or court intrigue that's taking place today. If you had your choice, you'd much rather prolong the chase than catch the quarry. Work on putting together a schedule that's sure to keep you running. You'll know when it's time to stop. Fortunate colours are coral pink and pale aqua. Lucky numbers are 26 and 35.

Fri Jan 20: Traditional Approach

Be direct. Something that's been lurking in the shadows may see the light of day, but it probably isn't going to turn out to be all you had hoped. At least there should be no further questions about who your real friends truly are. Stick with a traditional approach. Don't risk a clash with the authorities. Beneficial colours are rose quartz and mellow gold. Lucky numbers are 19 and 37.

Sat Jan 21: So Much Fun!

You thought you were well within your personal limits, but the cosmos is just sending so much fun your way. Maybe you don't know when enough is enough after all. When the Moon is in Scorpio, the fun has no definite ending so make sure you don't get rear-ended. Erratic behaviour is easily forgiven by your friends today, just don't make it a habit. Beneficial colours are wine and ebony. Lucky numbers are 27 and 36.

Sun Jan 22: Romantic Potential

The cosmic powers are beaming down on you today. Communication should be good and a stimulating text or two is in the frame. Things might get rather edgy, nonetheless, but make the most of the sexy inclinations tonight. Avoid power struggles, especially over money. Make of that what you will. Excellent colors are red coral and burnished copper. Lucky numbers are 3 and 16.

Mon Jan 23: Body Language

This is getting a lot more complicated than you ever imagined it would be, isn't it? A new layer of meaning covers what everyone else thinks is obvious. Keep in mind that words are only symbols for the actual event. This is a good time to pick up on subliminal messages and subtle body language from those around you. It's in your best interest to notice the behavioral nuances of people who are coming from a different angle to you. Fortunate colors are gold and silver. Lucky numbers are 18 and 38.

Tue Jan 24: Great Day

Where there's a will, you are insistent on finding a way. If a group is motivated to do something today, you're the one who plans on turning intentions into deeds. The running commentary is nearly as amusing as the action itself. This is a personal triumph no matter how you look at it. If you can't or don't want to gloat in front of co-workers or clients, call a friend and tell them how much you were able to accomplish. Favorable colors are maroon and coffee. Lucky numbers are 8 and 31.

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