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Tips On Buying Lingerie

Alluring, sexy, erotic, beguiling, attractive, captivating, enticing, seductive, tempting amply describe the thoughts conjured when we hear the word lingerie.

Lingerie has come along way since it simply meant washable undergarment (derived from the French word linge). It now covers every conceivable form of undergarment, from corset to chemise, garter to girdle and knickers to nightshirts and is made from every conceivable flexible and stretchy material, including, Lycra, nylon, polyester, satin, lace, silk and, the ever practical, cotton.

Woman generally buy their own lingerie for all sorts of reasons from looking good to feeling sexy and confident. More and more men though are taking the plunge and buying the woman in their life something more adventurous. It can present considerable challenges to the male shopper, to purchase the right piece, so here are some tips to help navigate a potential minefield:

  • Buying from the wrong place: If you want to make it a memorable occasion and not have your special gift spend it's life at the bottom of the "undies" drawer then don't select a mass-produced product. Buy from a specialty shop where you will get professional advice (don't be embarrassed, you won't be their first naive male customer) or look online where the range, style and type of product is mind blowing. You'll have a much better chance of finding something she'll actually love receiving.
  • Don't guess the size: This may require some clandestine detective work, but, if you don't know sizes then don't guess. Thanks to the wide variations of brands, styles, shapes and measurements, holding up your hands to the sales consultant and saying about this big? isn't going to yield a good set of lingerie.
  • Don't buy the most expensive you can find: Sometimes the most expensive and the most suitable coincide, but not often. Buying lingerie can take a bit of thought and planning. The important thing is whether she'll actually love the gift, otherwise you'll probably just be wasting your money. Aim to spend your cash on something that works with her life style; does she like cosy, or sexy, or is she a lights on or light off kinda girl. Just make sure you're buying something she'll want to wear and wear again.
  • Think about her personal style: If your woman is like most other woman she spends time on her appearance and selects carefully with what she will buy and wear. All lingerie is not the same, so before you buy anything, think of her favourite outfits and try to match what you are looking to buy to her style and look.
  • Don't buy for you, buy for her!: Lot's of lace, a tight corset and pair of crotchless panties may cater for your fantasies but it may not be the ideal gift for her. It's great to indulge in the fantasy of sexy lingerie, but the reality of finding something she feels confident in is far sexier and it may prove more productive when she comes to show her appreciation for your thoughtful gift.



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