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The secret to buying petrol at the best price

New price monitoring a boon for motorists

When most motorists need to fill up it's simply a case of searching out a petrol station, pulling in, then connecting the hose of the required fuel to your vehicle.

According to the ACCC, however, motorists living in five of Australia's capital cities may be able to save themselves significant amounts of money over a year by heeding what it calls price "troughs" and "peaks".

By examining past price cycles, the ACCC is able to essentially predict which day is the best time of the week to buy petrol.

The prices listed by the ACCC are based on regular unleaded petrol, so while premium is likely to mirror regular petrol quite closely, LPG or diesel may not.

Take a closer look at when is the best time, on average, to fill up with petrol in the following Australian cities:


On average, the best day to buy fuel in Perth would be on Monday or Tuesday, the latter of which had highest percentage of recorded troughs - 36 per cent. Friday recorded some 47 per cent of peaks in fuel prices, meaning statistically it would be most expensive day in the week to buy fuel.


On average, the best day to buy fuel in Sydney would be on Monday's, which recorded an impressive 94 per cent of troughs in the time between 1/7/02 and 31/10/02. Interestingly, Wednesday (61%) and Thursday (39%) appear to be the only two days in which more fuel prices have hit their highest in Sydney.


On average, fuel prices peaked most often later in the week, on Thursday and Friday, with Friday recording the highest number of peaks (47%). The best day of the week to buy fuel in Brisbane is on Monday and Wednesday, with a combined total of 66 per cent (33% a piece) of price troughs. Tuesday appears to be a good day too, recording many more troughs than peaks.


On average, the best day to buy fuel in Melbourne is on Thursday, with some 61 per cent of troughs recorded on that day. The remaining 39 per cent of troughs were recorded early in the working week (Mon, Tue, Wed). Statistically, fuel prices peak more often on Saturday in Melbourne, recording 88 per cent of all peaks.


The statistics indicate that, in Adelaide, fuel prices peak more often on Saturday (53%) than any other day, followed closely by Friday. The troughs, when prices fall, occured most on Thursday.

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