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Bitter Vero: German Tuner 'Pimps' Holden Statesman

Motoring Channel Staff - 22/October/2007

Bitter Vero
Bitter Vero

Bitter Vero
The Bitter Vero is based on the Holden
Statesman/Caprice, but has a new look

Bitter Vero
The four exhaust outlets look good

Bitter Vero
The interior of the Bitter Vero is very GM

Bitter Vero
Erich Bitter and his prestige cars

Braunschweig, Germany — German car tuning groups like to tune the world's best sports cars. We're talking Ferrari, Audi RS, BMW M, Porsche. Anything that looks hot, and goes like a rocket.

But now you can add Holden to that prestigious list.

The Bitter Vero is based on a Holden Statesman/Caprice, a long wheel-base V8 sedan, and has been comprehensively tweaked by a German company. The price is €121,975, or about $200,000 in Australian currency. 

In Germany, it's priced at about the same level as a Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG. This is quite a hike from the Holden Caprice's $70,990, so it must be hot stuff yeah?

We haven't tested the car, and probably will never get the opportunity to do so, but you have to wonder where the extra $130,000 goes.

According to the tuning group, which is operated by a guy called Erich Bitter, you get new suspension upgrades, a new look vehicle, and an updated interior.

Power comes from GM's 6.0-litre V8, which outputs a very generous 270kW of power (362hp) @ 5700rpm. Torque is similarly high, with 510Nm @ 4400rpm.

It doesn't appear as though the Bitter Vero has better engine performance than the model its based on, which is odd for a tuner. Perhaps we've translated the nomenclature poorly, but if we haven't that's a poor showing. How about a supercharger, or some nitrous?

As the photos attest, the Bitter Vero has a very different look to its donor car. The Holden Caprice is largely regarded as one of the best looking vehicles to come out of Australia, but the Bitter Vero looks a bit munted thanks to the removal of the grille. Instead there's a modified hood and Bitter has added a new look air dam below where the grille would normally be.

The side of the car doesn't appear to be wildly different to the Holden Caprice apart from some shiny garnish, but the rear end design is new. It looks a lot better than the front end, but isn't overwhelmingly different from the Caprice. The major points of reference are the new exhaust pipes, which show a touch of creativity.

The black 20-inch wheels look good, but the interior gets a different leather tone and little else. There's the twin DVD system with LCD screens incorporated in the front headrests, just like the standard Caprice, and lots of rear seat leg room, just like the Caprice.

The $200,000 modified German-Australian vehicle isn't expected to be built in large quantities, ensuring it's rarity. It will available to European customers for €121,975 but could leave a bitter taste in the mouth.

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