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E-Vade Super Car: Australian Made Performance

Motoring Channel Staff - 23/January/2008

E-Vade Super Car
E-Vade Super Car

E-Vade Super Car
The design has a touch of retro '70s super car about it

E-Vade Super Car
Powered by a highly strung 3.5-litre V6 engine,
the E-Vade will output up to 500kW of power

E-Vade Super Car
David and Peta Walter (and their dog) proudly
show off their E-Vade super car, to debut at MIMS

E-Vade Super Car
While the E-Vade has no roof, the suede
look interior provides a touch of class

Melbourne, Australia — Looking like a cross between a dwarven Ferrari F40 and chopped Lotus Elise, the E-Vade is coming to a road near you.

Set for a debut at the 2008 Melbourne International Motor Show (MIMS), the E-Vade has been a six year project by a former sailor and his wife.

Built in the back yard, David Walter and his wife Peta are putting the finishing touches on the E-Vade, which is as light as a feather and has Nissan power under the engine cover.

It is expected to be one of the fastest sports cars not only in Australia, but also the world.

Work on the super car began in 2002 and the car rests on a quasi space-frame chassis (steel), while the body work is fibreglass. The end result is a light kerbweight of 950kg for the road version and 900kg for the track version.

Power comes from a mid-mounted 3.5-litre Nissan V6 that features twin turbocharging and outputs 300kW (405hp) in standard form and up to 500kW (680hp) for the track version with increased boost, which should be enough to generate global headlines for the Aussie super car.

Though we'll have to wait for the MIMS to find out just how fast the E-Vade is, the track version could quite easily achieve a Bugatti Veyron-rivalling zero to 100km/h benchmark time of well under 3.0 seconds.

Creator David Walter says the 2-seater vehicle was primarily built for himself as a track day tool, and is not meant for public sale. That said, Mr Walter hasn't ruled out selling them privately to interested parties, saying that on top of his own enjoyment of the car, "then that's something extra".

The Nissan V6 power is routed through a heavy duty 5-speed manual gearbox which was supplied by a Ballarat company, Albins Off Road Gear.

A special track-oriented feature of both cars is a built-in hydraulic jacking system which can lift the whole car about 20 cm at the press of a button for quick wheel and tyre changes.

The Walters have also revealed that both road and track versions of the E-Vade have been fitted with a hydraulic jacking system. At the touch of a button it will lift the can some 200mm higher, which is designed for racetrack use to quickly change wheels and/or tyres.

The E-Vade will be shown at the 2008 Melbourne International Motor Show from the 29th of February.

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