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Holden Commodore: Copping It Sweet

Motoring Channel Staff - 30/April/2009

Pontiac G8 or Chevrolet Commodore police car
Pontiac G8 or Chevrolet Commodore police car

Holden Commodore Police Car
Holden Commodore Australian police car

Melbourne, Australia As GM Holden's lucrative American exports of the Holden Commodore (badged as Pontiac G8s) dry up with the shutting down of the Pontiac brand, a lifeline for the Commodore could be in the offing.

Reports that the Holden Commodore could be badged as a Chevrolet Commodore are growing in number, and that a large fleet buyer in the form of law enforcement agencies could be interested in the powerful rear-wheel vehicle.

Two examples of the LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department) Pontiac G8 (pictured) converted to US police specifications by an Australia company will begin testing in the US by mid-year and could lead to increased exports of the Commodore.

No contracts have been signed, but the National Safety Agency (NSA) based in Port Melbourne, which is helping to broker the deal, is confident that up to 40,000 Chevrolet Commodore police cars could be exported to the US every year.

But at present Ford has a stranglehold on a majority of police fleet sales in the United States at the moment, with the Crown Victoria Police Interceptor being a real money maker with around 60,000 sales to police fleets per year.

However the Ford Crown Victoria is very old and will be phased out of public sale from 2010, but Ford has intentions to keep building the vehicle as long as police departs in America keep buying it.

It would seem strange for US police fleets to purchase a vehicle that is built on the other side of the planet, incurring extra costs such as shipping, when such vehicles could be sourced domestically.

However there does seem to be momentum behind the 'Chevrolet Commodore' police car.

The Motoring Channel predicts that Holden has a fair chance to get a contract to export Commodores to the North American law enforcement agencies, but we don't expect the number to the 40,000 per annum as claimed by the NSA.

While the news would be music to the ears of Holden, General Motors in US is in much more parlous state than GM Holden in Australia. 

A more likely scenario would be that General Motors would try and break into police fleet sales with a model of its own, such as the Chevrolet Impala.

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