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Honda FC Sport Concept: Hydrogen Performance Car

Motoring Channel Staff - 20/November/2008

Honda FC Sport Concept
Honda FC Sport Concept

Honda FC Sport Concept
As Honda pushes ahead with its hybrid range,
it is also working on hydrogen fuel cell designs

Honda FC Sport Concept
It looks like NOS, but is in fact super
cooled liquid hydrogen in those tanks

Honda FC Sport Concept
Part Tron, part Darth Vader, the Honda
FC Sport Concept boasts a sinister style

Honda FC Sport Concept
Though there is no need for exhaust pipes
on hydrogen cars, the tail end pays homage

Los Angeles, America — Honda took the wraps off a new hydrogen-powered zero emission vehicle, the Honda FC Sport concept, at the 2008 L.A. Auto Show.

The 3-seater sports car concept shows off a futuristic design penned by Jason Wilbur of Honda's Advanced Design Studio in California.

It was developed "with the primary objective of using existing fuel cell technology as the basis for an ultimate Honda sports car" says the company.

With Honda's Insight and CR-Z hybrid models heading for the show room floor in the next couple of years, and Honda's commitment to sell a quarter of a million hybrids in 2009, it's no surprise to see another low emission vehicle design.

It also lends weight to rumours that the upcoming NSX will have a low emission cylinder deactivation mode, as Honda moves towards creating the world's zero emission sports car.

"The Honda FC Sport explores how to satisfy automotive performance enthusiasts in a world beyond petroleum," said Dan Bonawitz, vice president of American Honda Motor Co., Inc. 

"People who love sports cars will still have a reason to love in a hydrogen-powered future," stated Bonawitz.

With three seats set up like the legendary McLaren F1 (the driver sitting in the centre of the car and two passengers sitting behind with a clear view), the Honda FC Sport sounds like a lot of fun.

As Honda explains, the interior layout focuses primarily on the driver with a racecar-like center driving position and the enclosed canopy opens upward from the rear to allow for entry and exit in true futuristic style.

Though Honda didn't release details on whether the car is rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive, it has developed the car to have a low centre of gravity and a light weight, both of which will improve its performance in most respects.

Honda's V Flow fuel cell technology, which is already in use in the Honda FCX Clarity sedan, is used in the FC Sport concept to proved strong performance and zero-emissions. 

The hydrogen fuel cell system generates electricity which runs an electric motor that in turn drives the wheels.

While the method of propulsion will be one of the key marketing points of the new concept car, the design is important too.

Honda says the "sleek, low-profile body is designed to convey a high-technology appearance with sculpting that combines angular shapes in the front of the vehicle that taper into geometric, hex forms in the rear". 

It's these 'hex forms' that house the cooling radiators for the fuel cell and Honda has used the hydrogen storage tanks as part of the design, making sure they're visible from the rear deck.

The Japanese car maker also used economical construction techniques that contribute to a reduced carbon footprint, including organic bio-structure body construction where exterior panels are made from plant-derived bio-plastics.

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